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» Sunday, April 30, 2006
Ladders and Angels... Autumn Hollow.


» Saturday, April 29, 2006
It's Not Easy Being Green
I saw the cutest thing this afternoon, BTW. It was a lime-green Volkswagen Beetle (the new kind, not the old kind) and it had its name across the very bottom of the rear window. "Kermit."

Love it.


Life Is Better
We don't have to mess with the grass—found someone to cut the lawn! Yay! He does two other folks' yards here already, and a great job. Today he cut the lawn, trimmed edges, blew the scraps away, pulled out quite a few weeds, and trimmed the bushes out front. (They weren't large yet, but had some scraggly branches.) Too cool.

James went to the airshow this morning while I popped by a couple of craft stores and filled up the car with gas. He came home after seeing the F104 Starfighter (his favorite plane; couldn't you tell from his blog?) and we did some errands, then had a treat: ice cream at Bruster's. From the stand we were able to see the high vantage parts of the Blue Angels' performance.


» Friday, April 28, 2006
The Oddest Thing
I had mentioned the new Dish antenna coming next week.

There are two PBS stations in Atlanta. One is Georgia Public Television, Channel 8 in Atlanta, and the other is WPBA, Channel 30, which is part of Peach State Public Broadcasting. On Dish we have always received GPTV, but you needed a second antenna to get WPBA because the satellite broadcasting it was in a different direction. Even after we moved, if we tried to put on WPBA, we would get a disclaimer that said "This channel requires a second dish. You can get one free of charge by calling..."

Anyway, when we moved we figured we'd get that second dish put in. But when we called them in February to move the dish and arrange for the second one, they told us if we waited until after April 1, they were coming out with a new dish that had a third "eye" which would get WPBA. Cool. So I made sure to ask about the dish when I arranged for the HD.

Yesterday I was clicking through the "all channels" setting to check, as I periodically do, if there were any new channels. There was WPBA, so I clicked it on, expecting to see the usual announcement.

Instead I saw Arthur.

Yes, we are getting WPBA now. With the same old dish.

I can only surmise that they switched WPBA to the other satellite. But that's just too weird.


» Thursday, April 27, 2006
Yesterday My Prints Have Come
Art displayed in Autumn Hollow.


Over the Air
I have to say that I am totally satisfied with my XM Radio experience and do not want to go back to Sirius. On Sirius the radio had 18 presets and I was hard pressed to fill them all, especially after they combined the 40s channel with American Standards and dropped Jerry Doyle's show from their lineup. (For what? So we could have a "Cosmo" channel and an Elvis channel? Urgh.) The only thing I miss is Discovery Radio, but then on the way home from work all Discovery every played was A Wedding Story. How boring could you get? There are 30 presets on the XM Radio and, although I suspect I will listen to just a few of them regularly, there are enough of interest to me to fill all thirty. Tiny fly in the ointment: Sunny, the "Beautiful Music" station that so reminded me of the old WLKW in Providence many years ago, is going to start having commercials next month. Barf. Oh, well, what can you expect from a Clear Channel station?

(My main presets right now are the Atlanta traffic channel, Radio Classics, "Frank's Place" [the standards channel], Watercolors [cool jazz], Sunny, the 40s channel, all three comedy channels [been listening to some very funny Canadian and British comedians!], and Cinemagic, the movie music channel.)

The radio is also smaller and mounts on one of my air vents, no longer taking up a ton of room on the dashboard.

In the meantime, I called up Dish Network yesterday for one thing—I cancelled HBO; we never watch it anymore and who cares about The Sopranos?—and made arrangements to get the new antenna so we could get the other Atlanta PBS station, WPBA. I happened to ask about getting an HD receiver and how much it would cost. I was told since we've been with them for seven years—good grief, I didn't realize it's been that long—that they would waive the setup and installation and whatever have you fees and we could "lease" the receiver for "free" if we promised to stay on for the next 18 months. Since we don't plan for that to change, I said "sure!" and also decided to get the high-def channels. In that set we will get an HBO channel, a Showtime channel, some other movie channel, Discovery HD, and a few other channels (including a couple of dopey sports channels, but I guess that's the usual bad with the good). Our bill won't change all that much and we can cancel the HD if we don't get a lot out of it.

The whole shebang gets installed next Friday.


Cool Again!
The early heat wave has finally broken for a few days. Turned the air conditioner off (the A/C in April; how absurd!) last night with much satisfaction. We are having what is probably the last respite before another miserable summer sets in for good. It was 55°F this morning and supposedly will be 47°F tomorrow morning. Had to wear my jacket. The cold fresh air felt wonderful!

At least the weather was nice last night, since it took a long time getting home, but it was worth it. I now have drawer dividers to keep my top dresser drawer in better order and new hand towels for the master bedroom (we now use both at once, so we need a second set), and the stop at Borders was highly profitable: a new Best of British (wow, I think this is the first time I've ever gotten an English magazine before the month it was published for was over) and Earlene Fowler's Delectable Mountains in paperback, although the release date said May.


Thursday Threesome

::Packing for a Trip::

Onesome: Packing-- What type of packing do you do when you travel? Are you one of those who carefully does the "traveler's roll" with each peace of clothing and tucks it carefully away? ...or does everything more or less just find its way into the car somehow?

It starts out neat at first; don't like to get places and find the clothes are just one wrinkled mess. But yes, there's always that last minute bit where you realize you forgot something and just shove it somewhere so it ends up with you.

Twosome: for a-- change of pace how about a guided tour of any building or place you'd like to visit: where would you go if you had that opportunity?

Just one? Well, okay, maybe the American History Museum at the Smithsonian. They must have some fascinating facts about some of that stuff, and what things they aren't exhibiting.

Know what would be cool, though? A special guided tour of Buckingham Palace or Windsor Castle—and then meeting the Queen at the end.

Threesome: Trip-- Where are you off to on your next trip? ...or if you're stuck in place for a while, where would you like to go? ...and yes, "Anywhere!!!" is an okay answer <g>!

We're stuck for now. Not going anywhere for a while. Is there somewhere where it's still cold? It's fall in New Zealand and Australia...maybe Alaska? I really want to go back to Washington D.C. for a week. Museums...yum!


» Wednesday, April 26, 2006
Dwindling Returns
The box count: almost nothing in Autumn Hollow.


» Tuesday, April 25, 2006
Well, That Was Quick Department
On the 15th I signed up for a weekend (Friday, Saturday, Sunday) Atlanta Journal-Constitution subscription. James always buys the weekly Fry's ad—I mean the Friday issue—and we always get a paper on Sunday, usually the double deal except on holiday weekends like Easter, when there are no coupons. The man selling the subscription assured me we could get the double paper on the subscription.

When we got our first Sunday paper, there was only one issue. Sure enough, I called the AJC and they said they don't do the double papers on Sunday via subscription. That's why I never got a subscription, but I thought the policy might have changed. So I cancelled: James can keep buying the Friday paper if he likes and we'll just have to go out for the double on Sundays. The only reason I buy the Sunday paper is for the coupons (and to use the classifieds at the bottom of the birdcage!); if we don't get a double issue, there's no use in it. (I usually shove the television section under the coffee table, but we hardly ever touch it until we swap it out again the next Sunday.) The Saturday paper is pretty useless; it's mostly sports. Who cares?


Tuesday Twosome

1. Do you care what other people think? Explain:

Depends on who you mean by "people." Friends? Yes. Family? Yes. My boss? Yes. Everyone else? Maybe. Spammers and telemarketers? ::snort:: Nooooooooo.

2. What two things do you sense you're supposed to do before your life is over?

Don't sense anything. I'd like to see Great Britain. Might even like to drive cross country again.

3. Is your family life the way you imagined it would be? If not, what can you do to change it?

No, but that's good.

4. If you can go back to your childhood for one day. What day and age will you choose?

Ten years old. Christmas. Up with the dawn to share Christmas with my stuffed animals (I used to buy them new bows), church, going to Papá's for Christmas dinner then playing Pokeno afterwards, wandering upstairs to see the old-fashioned ornaments on the tree. Sigh...

5. What are two skills you've wanted but don't have?

I'd love to play piano or organ beautifully (probably could do so if I'd put the time in to practice). Also would like to know more carpentry skills (unfortunately I'd want Matt Fox's workshop!).


» Monday, April 24, 2006
...but still fuzzy in Autumn Hollow.


Visitors at the Bird Feeder
We had a bonanza at the bird feeder yesterday afternoon, although they seem to be after the suet and not the seed. I need to keep the binoculars near the sofa, because we can see the birds from there but it is hard to make out the smaller ones, and if I get any closer to the window the movement sends the birds flying.

Anyway, we had both a male and female cardinal, and some small bird which James claimed was a sparrow, but he looked grey to me rather than brown and more strongly marked than your usual sparrow. We also had a beautiful male bluebird!


"That Rotten Old Sun Has Nothing to Do..."
But make us miserable. <wry grin>

North Georgia's a little bit behind on the pollen circuit from Atlanta, so we both got a good dose this weekend, plus having full sun on us all the way home. It was the primary reason I didn't stop at Cumming at the outlet mall although there were some things we needed, because I didn't want to tramp around in the sun.

Should have stopped anyway. Been making bathroom trips all morning and James is home after being sick last night. Urgh.


Monday Madness

Name 5 Things that:

1. Make you smile:

Pidgie. James. Willow. Dr. House's snarky comments. Arriving home after work.

2. You can see on your desk right now:

Purchase requisitions. A glass of water. The computer. Post-It notes. Paper clips.

3. Kept you busy this weekend:

Hauling animals home from the vet. Walking around downtown Helen. Talking with friends. Snacking too much. Driving to and from Helen.

4. You'll be doing this coming week:

Putting up shelves (I hope). Putting up artwork (I hope). Cleaning house. Doing more laundry. Giving Willow a bath.

5. You've said to make someone else smile:

LOL. I didn't realize I'd even been that cheerful. I did tell several people that their orders were almost done; I hope that made them smile.


» Sunday, April 23, 2006
The Whole Magilla
Actually the dining room in Autumn Hollow.


Batting 0
How fast the weekend went by! Before we knew it, it was Sunday morning and, after breakfast, time to pack up and check out.

Before leaving, however, there is one more treat: the annual picnic at one of the picnic shelters on the way to Anna Ruby Falls. We used to go to Picnic Shelter 5, which was delightful: down the hill into a secluded glen right next to Smith Creek. Except for the barbecue grill and the quite obviously man-made picnic shelter, it might have been pioneer days.

But the trek down and over the bridge was a bit much for some of the folks with old knee and foot injuries and we changed venues to Picnic Shelter 6, just up the road, still next to Smith Creek but much more accessable. One of the kids always gets wet in the creek and this year was no exception.

We left early because we hadn't finished our trek around downtown because of the bicycle race and James wanted to buy a belt. There is a wonderful leatherworker in downtown Helen, at the little store just behind the main street, the one which sells windchimes, geodes, colorful rocks, and souvenirs. In the courtyard is a gentleman who plays a large, beautiful dulcimer; I have his Christmas album.

Well, there was a leatherworker there once. Unfortunately he isn't there anymore. Now James will have to buy a new belt at some department store which will charge him more for a lesser product. Rats.

There was also another store we'd planned to go in, but it was closed on Sunday.

So was a third store we'd planned to walk around (but it wasn't what we thought it was anyway). Batting zero was it.

But the animals were happy to see us. Willow threw herself in James' arms and proceeded to copiously stress-shed half her undercoat all over his shirt. Pidgie warbled all the way home.

The sun got to us on the journey, though, and James is feeling a bit under the weather. I'm a bit tired, too, from his combination of not enough sleep—being used to a queen-sized bed, a double seems restrictive, and the beds are just too darn soft—and sun. (Apparently sunlight energizes some people; for me, it just leaches the energy out of me. I had to go put up a couple of pictures and do two loads of laundry or I would have fallen asleep.)


» Saturday, April 22, 2006
Checking In
Here we are in Helen, GA, for our yearly gathering with friends and I can't get online to chat about it! They have free wi-fi here (I'm borrowing someone's laptop that has wi-fi), but I just have a modem on my PDA (we didn't take the laptop, but it wouldn't have been of much use anyway). Every time I call the local access number it says the line is busy and has since last night. I phoned Earthlink, but there's only one access number in the area. There are other 706 numbers, but I don't know if they're long distance within calling area or not. Whatever. I used the local number last time we were here and it worked fine.

James had to work yesterday, so I took the animals to the vet myself. Wil was supposed to have her teeth cleaned, but the vet told me that they were worried about the results of the blood test that they took last week. Two of Willow's liver function levels are higher than normal and they're afraid she has an infection; they won't do a teeth cleaning if she is sick. She now has to take antibiotics for the next three weeks and then needs another blood test. The vet is afraid she might have hepatitis or perhaps even Cushing's disease, which is an adrenal-pituitary problem. Oh, great.

I asked if it might have anything to do with stress—she's been majorly stressed out since we moved, especially bristling at the Lhasa Apso next door. The vet said even with stress it shouldn't be that high.

Pidgie, on the other hand, sang all the way to the vet. His carry box was next to Willow sitting in the passenger seat and every time Wil bobbed her head, Pidge tried to grab the "string" on "Sister's" face.

James didn't get out until 6:30, so I basically parked myself in his parking lot (I had taken him to work) a little after four and read a couple of cheap magazines I'd bought earlier. Also set up my new XM Radio. I have been more and more disgusted with the Sirius choices of late—combining the 40s channel and Standards, dropping Jerry Doyle's show, starting up these extremely narrow focus channels like those for Jimmy Buffett and Elvis and the Rolling Stones and Cosmo, the horrible Christmas music they had in December, their extremely small playlists; it's just been piling up. Brandsmart had an XM Roady XT for only $8.88 after the rebate (I've already sent for it), so I got one and started it on Friday. I had done a 3-day tryout online and I loved their "Sunny" channel and "Frank's Place" (the Standards channel) and they also have a movie music channel as well as a Broadway one and another radio theatre type channel that has dramatized stories as well as audiobook readings. And their Atlanta traffic channel is stand-alone; it doesn't share with Miami or any other city.

If it works out I will just drop the Sirius service. James can try out if he likes; XM seems always to be having deals.

So we reached the hotel about 9 p.m. Were up until after two chatting with friends.

This morning we went into Helen (which converted to an Alpine motif in the 70s after business died out and became a tourist haven in the North Georgia mountains). Walked about the shops and bought a few little things for the house, but left early because the Tour de Georgia bicycle race was coming through town and they were shutting the main street down. We came back to the lodge to chat and relax and had supper at the Lodge restaurant. Came back to the common area near our rooms and I played Uno (we all play a mean game of Uno) and then Cranium with friends while James played a rocketship game with Jerry Lawson of Milblog.


» Friday, April 21, 2006
The china cabinet, that is, in Autumn Hollow.


» Thursday, April 20, 2006
Thursday Threesome

::"Hey, Good Lookin', whatcha got cookin'
How's about cookin' something up with me."::

Onesome- Hey, good lookin': Makeover time! What's the one thing about yourself you would change if you could? From your hair style to your nose to your weight, you name it.

Well, my weight first of all. If it was something that had to be professionally done, my stupid breasts. I can't understand why any healthy person would want boob jobs. I'd love to be flat chested! Been dragging these wretched things around for years, since junior high.

Twosome- whatcha got cookin'?: Do you like to cook? What's your favorite meal that you cook yourself? Care to share the recipe?

Nope, hate to cook. Only thing I do regularly is cook a pot of rice so we can have it as a side dish one night and then I can have it in chicken broth. Yum! I do cook Rice'a'Roni occasionally; been brought up on the stuff. At Christmastime I like to make wine biscuits. I have Mama's baking bowl now; it will bring back sweet memories.

Threesome- How's about cookin' something up with me?: If you like to cook, do you like to share the kitchen/grill? If you share, do you direct the goings on, or just let the other person do their thing? Or do you prefer to solo it, subscribing to the "too many cooks spoil the broth," theory?

I leave James alone. He doesn't consider cooking a chore, but an art. He loves to experiment, but can't do a lot because I can't eat spicy foods without getting sick. We have very basic, plain, low-fat meals and he always makes them taste delicious with perhaps a little wine or a certain combination of garlic and onion. Of course I'm fairly easy to please: a nice broiled or grilled steak with onions and some boiled potatoes with a little butter substitute on the side and I'm happy. (Or plain roast chicken seasoned in garlic and onion. Or plain grilled pork chops. No gravy needed on anything.)


Well, That's Accurate
What's Your High School Stereotype?

girl staring out window You scored as Loner.





Drama nerd










Ghetto gangsta


What's Your High School Stereotype?
created with

The photo looks pretty familiar, too, except she's not writing a story! :-)

A tip of the hat to Bill, who got it from Sketch.


» Wednesday, April 19, 2006
Ruminations On a Past Life...
...or washing china brings wistful memories of Mom in Autumn Hollow.


» Tuesday, April 18, 2006
Geez Louise, not only do we have to put up with those dingbat telephone solicitors calling us at home, now I have someone shilling for MBNA calling me at work!

(This reminds me I need to call up and cancel that MBNA card I had forced upon me so many years ago. I was sick as a dog one day and when the stupid telephone solicitor called I didn't have the energy to tell her to shut up and accepted the card just to get her off the phone. I've not only never used the card, I've never even taken the stupid sticker off it. Ordinarily I would have told her to put us on the do-not-call list and hung up.

This is why we let the answering machine take the calls. <g>)


Trip to the Past
Classics arrive in A Cozy Nook to Read In.


» Monday, April 17, 2006
Monday Madness

1. What was the highlight of your weekend?

China cabinet at last! Yay!!! (And the Russell Stover maple cream egg. Nobody makes maple creams any longer, not even Brachs [except for the expensive candy stores or places you have to order them from], so this is a once-a-year treat.)

2. What was the best meal you ate this past weekend?

Two, actually, both on Sunday: Ikea's turkey and dressing and the ham we bought at Publix, marinated for two days in pineapple and Harry's Hellacious Ham sauce.

3. Did you spend time with anyone special?

Well, of course: James, Willow, and Pidgie.

4. Did the weekend seem to drag, or go by too quickly?

Weekends always go by too quickly. There's too much to do and so little time.


» Sunday, April 16, 2006
Red...No, Patterned...China...
...ready for bathing in Autumn Hollow.

In the meantime we bought ourselves an Easter present, the complete set of Blue Collar TV. Absolutely no redeeming social value—just silly fun.


Spending Easter at IKEA
Or part of the afternoon, anyway, in Autumn Hollow.


Easter tree and Easter basket

A couple of more pics in Autumn Hollow.


» Thursday, April 13, 2006
Goin' Down...
...stairs, that is, in Autumn Hollow.


Thursday Threesome

::"I am the King of Wishful Thinking"::

Onesome: I am-- When you state "I am", what do you state that you are?


Twosome: the King-- Are you the king (or queen) of something? The remote? The household? Or is there something else you master?

The website and the domain.

Threesome: of Wishful Thinking-- What have you been wishful for lately?

LOL. Being done with putting things away, up or together. And the china cabinet.


» Wednesday, April 12, 2006
Life's Little Annoyances
Someone I don't know keeps calling me from New Jersey after 11 p.m. on my cell phone. They never leave a message so it must be some stupid telephone solicitor. Just annoys me because I have to turn the sound on my phone off at night so it won't wake Pidgie.

Be nice if this was annoying as life got, eh?


» Tuesday, April 11, 2006
A Familiar Year
Some of the things that came home from Mom's house were a collection of souvenir programs to movies and events: a Gone With the Wind program, books for Shipstads & Johnson's Ice Follies (remember them?) and the Ice Capades, the Playbill from Annie Get Your Gun (my parents went to see it on their honeymoon in 1947), etc.

One of the programs was for the 1944 season of the Ringling Brothers Barnum & Bailey Circus. I didn't realize it until recently, but this was the program from the same year as the devastating circus fire in which over 150 people, mostly women and children, died.

Here's History Buff's page on the fire, with some photos linked.


Tuesday Twosome


1. Two types of music you dislike most?

Rap—especially gangsta (which is sad because when Will Smith used to rap I thought it was clever; now it's just dirty)—and that shriekingly loud twangy dissonant type of rock music that sounds like construction noise.

2. Two types of food you dislike most?

Spinach (actually any type of cooked green) and fish.

3. Two types of TV programming you dislike most (reality, sitcoms, dramas, etc.) ?

Reality shows where someone gets "voted off" (the stage, the island, the corporation, etc.) and sports.

4. Two celebrities you dislike most?

Just two? Well, okay...Tom Cruise and Keanu Reeves. Overrated "fer shure."

5. Two conversation topics you dislike most (politics, family, employment, etc.) ?

Politics especially. (Why argue? Politicians are all pond-scum sucking crooks, no matter what flavor.) And sports.


Strip Says It All
Reminds me of Rupert Holmes' songs "Town Square" and "The Old School."

Heart of the City, April 9


» Monday, April 10, 2006
Curses...Foiled for the First Time
So I finished working in the garage—check out Autumn Hollow—and decided it was time to try out the jetted tub. So I filled it with nice hot water, eased in, pressed the button to turn on the jets...

...and nothing happened.

I remembered after I was fully immersed that after Dan (the building inspector) tested out the tub, he shut it off (there's a switch underneath) and put the cover panel back on. This was to keep the activation button from being pushed accidentally while we were moving in, since if you turn the jets on with no water in the tub it can burn them out. Never remembered to turn the switch on again.

It wasn't worth getting out of the tub and hunting up a Phillips screwdriver to take the panel off and then put it back on again, so I just "chilled" figuratively in the bath for a few minutes while the ibuprofin got to work.

But it was pretty disappointing. :-)


Motherless Because No One Took Him Seriously
Another sad story.

911 Operator Scolds Dying Woman's Son

I'm sure there are dimwit kids (and adults) who call 911 as a joke. This kind of stupid prank has probably been around as long as there has been a telephone. But to dismiss a call for help, even if it's fake, is just wrong.


Monday Madness

Do you like to shop?

IF YES, answer the following:

1. What is your favorite store? Why?

Just one??? If I have to pick just one, I guess it's Borders.

But my favorite stores are Borders, Ikea, Fry's, Barnes & Noble, Michael's, JoAnn, and A.C. Moore.

2. Do you only shop when there is something you specifically need or want or do you sometimes go shopping just for "something to do?"

The last in the stores I like. I only go shopping for clothing or shoes if I have to.

3. Do you prefer shopping online or in stores?

Online is usually cheaper. But I like to see what I'm buying.

4. Do you have a shopping buddy or are you perfectly content going alone?

James is my usual "shopping buddy," but I don't mind going alone, especially if I have to do something nasty like buy clothes or shoes.


» Sunday, April 09, 2006
"Some People are So Peculiar"
Just finished watching "My Family and Other Animals" on Masterpiece Theatre. Too funny!


» Saturday, April 08, 2006
More Birdies!
There was a different bird at the feeder just now, one with a little crest. I think it's some type of titmouse. They are in the chickadee family.


Almost Interesting Times
You know the Chinese curse, "May you live in interesting times?"

It looked like it was about to get interesting last night.

For the past couple of days they had been warning us about a massive storm sweeping across the Midwest and heading our way. Last night we sat aghast at the film of damage the storm had done as it crossed Tennessee, trailer parks mangled, an entire car dealership of cars picked up, flipped, and crushed, etc. The Weather Channel was showing fresh warnings for Alabama and Georgia and as we went to bed the storm had just hit Huntsville and Chattanooga. (James went out on the deck and took the bird feeder down.)

It was hot and stuffy and it took quite a while for us to get to sleep. Next thing we knew it was a little after four and about four things were going on at once: the weather radio snapped on with a tornado warning, lightning flashed, a big gust of wind blew rain and cold air through our bedroom window and set the shades flapping, and there was a thump from the living room as the gust blew the lamp over.

I had to use the bathroom anyway and watched the tall thin trees outside the window jerk and sway. The wind had a funny whine to it. Just as I commented about the wind, James said, "Get dressed now." You betcha.

So we got up and woke up Pidgie—Wil was already barking at the thunder—and watched television for a tense half-hour. When we turned the set on there in orange-red on the radar was this perfect hook-shape mass passing over us.

Thank you God, that's exactly what it did, passed over. We went back to bed about 4:45 a.m. The neighborhood doesn't seem to have been touched, but James said there was some damage near the Kmart at the Big Chicken and the chiropracter near where we used to live had his roof covered with blue tarp and his sign blown down when I went past there a little while ago.

Just another reason to hate summer coming...


» Friday, April 07, 2006
Friday Five

1. Do you like chicken?

Mnnn. Nice, roast chicken. (Fried I can live without.)

Gee, Boston Market might be nice tonight...

2. What is 1 food you can't live without?

Milk! (Does that count as a food? Then...Bread!)

3. Are you an early bird or a night owl?

Oh, night owl definitely. I have more energy and am more alert at night.

4. Chocolate or vanilla?

Chocolate forever. (Vanilla...ewww. Only edible when covered with chocolate.)

5. Are you more of a cat person or a dog person?

I like cats a to visit my friends' cats. But I am hideously allergic to them after an hour or two on the premises. But to be honest I do like dogs better than cats.


» Thursday, April 06, 2006
I Was Right, I Was Right
The first bird at the bird feeder was a chickadee!


Don't Touch
This is just too sad.

Did Pedophilia Hysteria Cause Child's Death?

I was thinking of something similar to this yesterday, musing about all those old stories and television series where children befriended older people, usually men, and had terrific friendships. You know some of the media ones: Beaver Cleaver and Gus, the old guy at the firehouse, Timmy Martin and Cully Wilson, the old codger from the farm down the road, Darlene Gillespie as "Corky" in the Mickey Mouse Club serial "Corky and White Shadow" with Uncle Dan, the hermit in the woods. It was considered okay and even pleasant for a child to have an older mentor back then, someone that might sub for a missing grandparent. The Cleavers, the Martins, Corky's dad, and other parents didn't have any problem with the friendship—because that's all it was, a friendship. Today this relationship is construed differently and I can't imagine any kid in a television show having a relationship like this.


McKinney Case Heading to Grand Jury

What is with this woman? I'm a Federal employee, too, and have to show my badge whenever I walk into a CDC building (in some CDC buildings you have go go through a metal detector). The guard knows me by name, has asked me how my move is going, etc., and still checks my badge every single morning. If I don't stop, she will come after me and insist to see my badge. Is it unreasonable for a Capitol guard, thinking Ms. McKinney looked unfamiliar, to ask her to stop and show some ID? And if you or I hit a policeman, we would be arrested.


Thursday Threesome

::Money Back Guarantee::

Onesome: Money- What's the biggest waste of money you've ever spent?

Oh, gosh. There are so many of them. Probably that Honda I had to buy after Tune-Up Clinic set my Dodge Omni on fire. They'd polished it up really nice so it fooled everyone, but it wasn't worth a damn. Talk about a sow's ear that looked like a silk purse.

Twosome: Back- Have you ever said or done something that you wish you could take back?

Oh, so many times. And I sure don't want to talk about it. I feel embarrassed enough just thinking about it.

Threesome: Guarantee- What do you wish would come with a guarantee?

Happiness. [wry grin]


» Wednesday, April 05, 2006
Window Coverings...
...curtains and things in Autumn Hollow.


A Paradise of Books... other words, progress in the library, in Autumn Hollow.


» Tuesday, April 04, 2006
Sit and Stand...
...regarding chairs and garden tools and a place for each in Autumn Hollow.


Tuesday Twosome

1. How many computers are in your home? Are they for personal or business use?, if you count the PDAs (which you should, since they have Windows and Word and Excel), I believe it's six...mine, James', James' old one which will go downstairs, both PDAs and the laptop. Seven if you count "Albert," the battery-powered portable word processor we got from Radio Shack so long ago, which still works.

(We nicknamed it "Albert" because it provided information to "Sam," our original PC. Quantum Leap joke.)

2. How many cars does your household own? What are the colors of the cars?

Man, this reminds me of the old days when the tax assessor came to your house and looked at what you owned and assigned tax accordingly. I remember my dad hiding things from the tax assessor.

Anyway, we have two, a black Tacoma truck and a purple PT Cruiser.

3. When was the last time you did a thorough cleaning of your home? Did you find anything that you thought you lost?

:-) February 16-21. Find anything we lost? Actually, we found a box we hadn't opened in 10 1/2 years since we moved last time, but we didn't realize it was lost. :-) We did find a bunch of stuff that made us exclaim, "Why the heck did we save this?

4. Do you generally get along with your neighbors? Is there one neighbor that really gets on your nerves?

We like our new neighbors across the street. It's a young couple and her mother. Next door to us we seem to have several friends sharing a house. They are all from Florida. On the other side it is under contract and the other house across the street is still for sale. The person who bought it originally must be charging an arm and a leg because all the other houses in the complex are going like hotcakes.

We liked the lady next to us at the old house. Her name is Alice and she is still recovering from a stroke. The people on the other side were nice and quiet. We only spoke to them a couple of times. The other Most of them have been too noisy. Not to mention the people playing loud music from the apartment complex in the back. Usually they did it just on weekends when we were up late anyway, but several times we had to call the police because they were out there till three and four in the morning, shouting loudly, blaring music, and a few times shooting off guns.

5. Are you basically content with your living situation? Why or why not?

I am now. It's nice and quiet at the new house. Because it's a cul-de-sac road, no one cuts through burning rubber to get to the next street. No loud music at night. No feral cats spraying the side of the house in spring making the inside reek. No creek nearby so it smells bad when it gets hot. No gangs spray-painting graffiti on things.


» Monday, April 03, 2006
The Road Too Often Trodden...
...and so the mystery (probably) ends in A Cozy Nook to Read In.


Monday Madness

1. Do you own any box sets of your favorite shows?

Gosh, yes, several. All of Babylon 5, the first two seasons of Monk, the first season of Superman (I really only like the black and white ones, although a couple of episodes from second season are tempting, like "Panic in the Sky"), all of Reilly: Ace of Spies, Kolchak, Oliver's Travels, Crusade, the first season of House and the first two seasons of Monk, the first season and the first half of third season of Lost in Space...I'm pretty sure there's a couple more.

2. Are you penpals with other people?

Not any more. My most regular penpal passed away from cancer a few years ago.

3. Do you still send out real, paper cards in the mail?

Sure, I have Easter cards to send out, and I sent out thank you cards to everyone who helped us move a week or so ago.

4. Have you ever bought or sold anything on Ebay?

Bought? Sure, that's where almost all my bound copies of St. Nicholas came from. Mostly other books: Golden Dicky, Fireworks for Windy Foot, etc.

5. Did you have to set your clocks an hour ahead this past weekend?

::grumble:: Yes, I'm afraid we were forced to. Nasty DST.

6. How many of your blog buddies' birthdays do you know?

Um, gosh...well, I know Neil's. :-)

7. When is your birthday (need not include year)?

December, the best month of the year. :-)


» Sunday, April 02, 2006
Oh, Joy...
...I'm on Pepto Bismol. Urgh. Not even milk will settle my stomach.


That Time of Year Again
Ah, creebing time. Bad enough we're back on DST...I had been enjoying driving to work watching the sunrise. I feel more awake driving to work in the daylight, but tomorrow it's back to pitch dark again. Darnit.

The weather is horrible, despite how the meterologists have been chirping gaily on the news. It's in the low 80s and sticky. Except for backaches from lifting and emptying things, I'd been feeling pretty well. Now I'm queasy and everything aches. (The allergist tells me this is from the pollen.) Instead of getting the house into shape I want to plant myself under a fan and sleep. I hear other people feel this way in the winter. Figures I'm backward. My mom always used to joke I was odd because I was a breech birth. :-)

But we did get some things done. As always in Autumn Hollow.


Heavenly Flavor
Neither of us had lunch today, so we decided to treat ourselves to a cone at Bruster's. I took one look at the board and goggled: they had "coffee Oreo" ice cream. I asked to taste a bit and then promptly bought a cone. It was nice flavorful coffee ice cream with bits of the Oreo cookie (none of that nasty cream) in it. Reminded me of the coffee chip with the big chips of dark chocolate in it that Newport Creamery used to carry.