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» Friday, April 28, 2006
The Oddest Thing
I had mentioned the new Dish antenna coming next week.

There are two PBS stations in Atlanta. One is Georgia Public Television, Channel 8 in Atlanta, and the other is WPBA, Channel 30, which is part of Peach State Public Broadcasting. On Dish we have always received GPTV, but you needed a second antenna to get WPBA because the satellite broadcasting it was in a different direction. Even after we moved, if we tried to put on WPBA, we would get a disclaimer that said "This channel requires a second dish. You can get one free of charge by calling..."

Anyway, when we moved we figured we'd get that second dish put in. But when we called them in February to move the dish and arrange for the second one, they told us if we waited until after April 1, they were coming out with a new dish that had a third "eye" which would get WPBA. Cool. So I made sure to ask about the dish when I arranged for the HD.

Yesterday I was clicking through the "all channels" setting to check, as I periodically do, if there were any new channels. There was WPBA, so I clicked it on, expecting to see the usual announcement.

Instead I saw Arthur.

Yes, we are getting WPBA now. With the same old dish.

I can only surmise that they switched WPBA to the other satellite. But that's just too weird.