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» Monday, April 10, 2006
Monday Madness

Do you like to shop?

IF YES, answer the following:

1. What is your favorite store? Why?

Just one??? If I have to pick just one, I guess it's Borders.

But my favorite stores are Borders, Ikea, Fry's, Barnes & Noble, Michael's, JoAnn, and A.C. Moore.

2. Do you only shop when there is something you specifically need or want or do you sometimes go shopping just for "something to do?"

The last in the stores I like. I only go shopping for clothing or shoes if I have to.

3. Do you prefer shopping online or in stores?

Online is usually cheaper. But I like to see what I'm buying.

4. Do you have a shopping buddy or are you perfectly content going alone?

James is my usual "shopping buddy," but I don't mind going alone, especially if I have to do something nasty like buy clothes or shoes.