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» Sunday, March 19, 2017
Organize Me! Organize Me!

Sleeping late and getting organizational goodies? I like it!

But first it started with dog walking and then a trip to Costco to get mushrooms and popcorn (and peas, and "Life's" salute to World War I and a couple of other things), and fill up on gasoline. It was a sunny blue-sky day, and cool enough that in the morning the sun felt good, and after we got fueled up we headed east–

–directly into a roadwork traffic jam. Can't escape it even on Sunday. Good thing James knows the surface streets (unfortunately he knows this from too many trips to the Glenlake Kaiser office).

We stopped at REI looking for a fanny pack to replace my very tired one (and it's tired because it's at least eight years old, as I discovered when I posted a "Flashback Friday" photo to Facebook and saw it around my waist in 2009). I did find a nice one and we also found a couple of stocking stuffer gifts. We love looking at the little gadgets like the multitool cards and keychain multitools. May have to come back for some gifts for our technically-inclined friends.

Then we hit Barnes & Noble to use the rest rooms and checked out the magazines. Some of them are so pretty, like the Somerset craft magazines, but they seem to be made for a different woman than I am. It's all gauzy clothes, pretty shoes, bouquets of flowers, vases, fluttery curtains, fragrances, designer items, embossed stationery, wine...that's someone I'm really not.

Alas, it looks like I will have to wait yet another week for "Breathe."

Finally to the Container Store, more gadget browsing, and bought what I needed, some plastic file holders to bring order to the craft room. They were on sale so I bought two each small, medium, and large.

By then it was so late breakfast had worn off, so we had lunch at Panera, then headed home; we arrived at almost four o'clock. During the afternoon James cooked up some more burritos for his breakfasts while I put my jewelry-making item boxes in one of the large file holders, and then hung the Command hooks I bought in the bathroom so I can hang up the parts of the Hurricane Spin gadget. Once I do that I can fold up the portable clothes dryer that's sitting in the Jacuzzi tub we never use, and the master bath will look less cluttered.

We had leftovers for supper and watched Galaxy Quest on Encore; I still miss Alan Rickman. He was a joy in everything he appeared in; he was certainly the best part of Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves!

Oh, I wish it wasn't Sunday again. I don't object to working, but getting up in the dark, before six, and then having to drive just makes me want to start trembling and not quit. Driving in traffic wigs me out more and more every day. Last Wednesday it took me ninety minutes to get the 21 miles home. I get to work in the morning sleepy and curled up like a pretzel; on the way home the sun gives me a headache and I'm hungry and when I finally arrive I have to unbend painful stiff limbs because I've been so tense in stop-and-go traffic. Sometimes I start feeling claustrophobic in the car and have to hold it at bay because it's the only way to get home.

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» Saturday, March 18, 2017
Deja Vu Bookstore

When James got home from work last night, I told him I wanted to go up to Town Center as I had some good JoAnn coupons. So we had supper at the Twisted Noodle, which was good except that I made the mistake of including green peppers in the mix. I re-tasted those peppers all night. I did get the goodies in JoAnn: hooks to hang up the parts of the Hurricane Spin cleaner and a small sketchbook. I also picked up the first two Peter Grant mysteries in Barnes & Noble with coupons I had. I read the first as an e-book and liked it enough that I want the whole series in print.

We had to go to bed fairly early since James had to work today. He was up at the crack of 6:50; I was so sleepy that I didn't crawl out of bed until ten. I walked the dog, made some toast and ate that with a milk chaser, and then ran out to do an errand: I still had more JoAnn coupons. I'd just worn a flannel shirt over my short sleeved top with Tucker, but by the time I reached JoAnn it was almost too warm for it. I got a container to hold the heads of the Hurricane Spin cleaner and a set of "eraser pencils" (instead of lead they have erasers for small spots), then went next door to Michaels to get a pencil roller. Then I went back to Barnes & Noble for the next two Peter Grant books.

(I really, really hate the changes on the shelves. Yes, the new books are turned face out. I still rather have the new books together. B&N said they did this to put more books on the shelves. You'd have room for the books if you didn't have so many damn toys and gadgets in the store. This is a bookstore, not Toys'r'Us.)

I headed home via the freeway so I could stop at Tin Drum and pick up a cheap lunch. It took me longer to drive home than it did to get my food. Traffic was particularly bad between Town Center and Cumberland Mall, especially where they are adding more lanes near Windy Hill Road (the plebian parking for the new Braves stadium is between Windy Hill Road and Windy Ridge Road where the monstrosity sits).

James still had three and a half hours of durance vile to go, so I ate my teriyaki and watched two episodes of Rick Steves' Europe, and set up a little "grab and go" craft bag. Michaels has these little "art totes" for $5 each. I put the small sketchbook and the now-filled pencil roll (a dozen drawing pencils and a dozen colored pencils, plus an eraser) on one side, and two plastic photo boxes containing small cross-stitch projects on the other. Toss in a small coloring book and a paperback/e-reader and it's a go. I used some beads to put an ID on it. (And just to make it perfect, I tucked a dozen watermelon candies in it, too.)

James had looked at a book at Barnes & Noble last night that he decided he wanted to pick it up tonight with a coupon he had. So back up to Town Center we went, having supper at Uncle Maddio's Pizza Joint (their pizza crusts are sooooo good), and then stopping by the bookstore for his choice. I now know the magazine racks by heart. :-) Still no new "Breathe" yet, though.

We also stopped at Publix, and after getting all we needed, realized all that was left was to get milk, so we got that there, too. (Well, okay. James forgot the mushrooms. We go through inordinate amounts of mushrooms.) And then it was time for home.

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» Tuesday, March 14, 2017
Winter Hangs On
After a fitful winter where the temperatures have pretty much not gotten under fifty and have hovered around 70 several times, it's now disconcerting to have nearly a week of highs in the forties and, later in the week, fifties. Sunday and Monday were grey and damp, with a sharp edge to the wind, and it continued today, with the wind's sharpness unchecked; in fact it might have been even colder today, with the occasional snowflake coming out of nowhere and grazing the cheek. Covered in flannelette and layered in flannel, for serious expeditions (like dog-walking) I am bundled in my heaviest jacket with the hood and a lined hat, but I have also dashed outside in the wonderful garment I got at Hallmark last summer, a woolly square which can be a scarf, a shoulder throw, a shawl, and even, unfolded all the way, a light throw. It is surprisingly warm, if not as large as the shawl pictured here.

When James got home I ran out to help him with the chair with it in shawl format, half covering my head, feeling like Jo March running out to the post office box between the Marches and the Lawrences to see what treasures there were today.

Even Tucker has eschewed his usual begging to go outside or run outside on the deck to lie curled up in a tight ball: this morning I found him in James' computer chair, this morning he was in his "cave" on a chair under the dining room table, and this afternoon he was snuggled up on his fleece in front of the hearth, nose firmly tucked into his flank and tail wrapped around his haunches. He didn't even follow me downstairs when I took the laundry down and discovered the heat was off downstairs; not sure how that happened, but it was 59°F down there!

Since it is Daylight Wasting Time I still have ample illumination to stare out the back windows and watch the wind tossing the trees with their brown leaves still attached. It's been a funny spring, with half the trees blooming, budding, or leafing, and the rest still twiggy and bare, showing their skeletons to the world, or holding on to the faded copper remnants of last year's raiment. Looks bleak and sad, but still better than the 78 it's going to be next week (ugh).

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» Sunday, March 12, 2017
Daylight Wasting Time

Urgh. Never sleep well after DST, and this morning was no exception. James got up earlier than me, but I didn't drag out of bed until ten. While James took Tucker out, I went around finishing turning the clocks and all the timers ahead. Thank God the computers and the tablets and the television take care of themselves.

Daylight Saving was wasted on today as it was uniformly grey and gloomy and damp and chilly. Sometime around noon we went out to Kroger with James' "Kroger bucks" and some coupons and bought milk and salad fixings and other edible items (plus a few things for Atomicon). Since we had to go out to Dallas Highway to get decent bread from Kroger, we decided to stop at the new Sprouts about a half mile up from the Kroger. I was very happy because next door to it was a Petco and I needed to get Snowy more birdseed.

Well, we found soup for supper at Sprouts—if there was any day for soup, this was it—and some meat on sale, but the Petco trip was a bust: the new store doesn't open until tomorrow! Several other people heading for the door were disappointed, too, including a couple with a dachshund cross who was eager to go in. So we had to change course on the way home and hit the Petsmart on the East-West Connector. They had three chartreuse-colored budgies who reminded me so much of our Pigwidgeon.

By the time we got home, James had to jump and make himself more breakfast burritos, and by the time he finished that, it was time for supper and some television. We have found ourselves hooked on Masterchef Junior because the kids are so cute, but missed the one where adorable little Eddie got "kicked off the island." So I found it online via the web browser on the television, but it refused to play. Basically to see it I had to download the "Fox Now" app on my tablet, and then do a screen cast to the television. So stupid.

Had a terrible sinus headache most of the day until I had the soup, and basically finished off the night reading latest paperback entry in the "Royal Spyness" mysteries. This was a good meaty entry, with "Georgie" meeting her cousins Princesses Louise and Beatrice (Queen Victoria's daughters), and contending with a body that shows up at Kensington Palace.

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» Saturday, March 11, 2017
Bibliophile's Weekend

Usually I would sleep in on Friday, but this Friday was different: I was up promptly at 7:30 to eat, walk the dog, and then head for the Cobb County Library annual book sale, a story told here. From there I went to the Macland Publix to pick up this week's twofers, except they were out of Uncle Ben's rice, and had no baguettes, Toufeyan wraps, or lamb. I decided to treat myself to pork fried rice from Dragon 168; haven't been there since last spring. While the scent tormented me all the way home, the resultant feast was a bit of a bust. There have been times that Dragon's dishes have been much too greasy, but this was so dry that it had little taste.

I spent the rest of the afternoon gloating over the books, putting some of the groceries away, finishing my book reviews for February, and reading the rest of Tasha Alexander's The Adventuress, which had a predictable solution but did get creepy toward the end.

We had supper at Ken's Grill and hit the Smyrna Publix for the missing items before heading home.

James had trouble sleeping, but he was still up early to eat breakfast in time to go to the model contest the IPMS society was throwing this weekend. I left on his heels and went back to the book sale. The cream of the crop is gone with the Friday buyers, but there are only a few people there on Saturday morning and you can browse what's left at your leisure. The few things I picked up are listed at the bottom of this entry. I almost picked up a book of Canadian winter photographs, but I figured one coffee-table book semiannually is enough. ☺

Next I went up to the Barnes & Noble on Dallas Highway to see if the new "Breathe" was on the newsstand. Well, not there. I had a coupon with me and bought the third book in the "St. Mary's" series. I was a bit aghast because they no longer have books in a "new release" section for each genre. How will I see if new books by my favorite authors are out? Or find new books/series to read? I have always relied on the displays to show me interesting new things. Phooey.

Next I had lunch at the Panera in the same shopping center. They were massively crowded the entire time I was there, but I just sat down with My Small Country Living and happily read until my soup showed up (they had people delivering the soup rather than you going to get it). But the lack of "new release" shelves and no "Breathe" had me curious to see if I could have better luck at Town Center. But how to avoid Barrett Parkway, which is a mess on a Saturday? Used an alternate route: went up Due West Road instead, like I was heading for Books-a-Million, then turned east on Due West Kennesaw, which brings me out north of the road, but at least I don't have to drive on it.

By then, however, my low gas light was on, so I stopped first at Costco to fill up. It was chilly and rainy up on that hill, but the fresh air felt good after the stuffy atmosphere at the book sale and in Panera. Then I went through the back way to get to Barnes & Noble. Skunked again! I guess this is a new trend at the store. It just made me grumpy, so I went home and had some chocolate. Was completely absorbed in reading My Small Country Living even after James arrived home.

We had a coupon for O'Charley's, so had dinner there, and I finished the book late into the night, having completely forgotten to turn the clocks ahead, so I had to rush around at least pushing the clocks ahead upstairs. There are eleven clocks and six timers for me to change. [eyeroll] Damn, I hate DST. I saw my last sunrise yesterday; won't see another one now (unless there is some emergency—please, no, God) until a few weeks before and after the summer solstice. I hate driving to work in the pitch darkness.

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» Saturday, March 04, 2017
Time Just Flu

James' cold and congestion just grew overnight after the Sunday of Anachrocon and he was up all Sunday night coughing. While if you are squeaky-clean healthy Kaiser will let you cool your heels in misery for a week before they prescribe anything, with his health problems James can call anytime. So I stayed home to telework and took him to the doctor at the appointed time. We saw the nurse practitioner; she had blood taken and checked things; he had no fever (in fact, he was around 97°F), and his lungs were clear. So she prescribed something for the cough so he could sleep, gave us additional antihistamines and told us to buy Coricidine and have him rest, and we visited the pharmacy and the vampires and went home.

The cough was still a pain Monday night. We both got up and teleworked, although we were both pretty punchy from lack of sleep. Wednesday we both went into work, although I wish James had remained teleworking; he'd still coughed a lot during the night, waking us both up. I had just gotten everything printed and was starting a new order at a little after eleven when I got a text: he was feeling terrible, it hurt sharply when he coughed, and he had the chills. I wrote Puli an e-mail and went tearing out like Dale Ernhardt, running into traffic jam after jam although it wasn't even noon. When I got home James was huddled up in a flannel shirt, flushed, shivering. Kaiser said to go to urgent care, so we trucked up to Town Center. Apparently everyone else was sick, too, as the waiting room looked like a convention of bank robbers with their masks on. It took us nearly two hours just to get triaged and then there were so many people they had to put us back in the waiting room for a while. When we were finally called back, James was miserably hunched not only in the flannel shirt over his work shirt, but wrapped in Twilight's car blanket because his chills were so bad.

So we were there from one to after seven-thirty, with James having various tests, and watching the most god-awful TV. I can't remember what was on in the waiting room, but it's stuff I won't let Snowy watch because it will rot his little birdie brain. In the treatment room they had Bravo on, and, no kidding, whatever was on involved two young woman looking at dildoes. Finally I found Animal Planet and dogs were on all afternoon. I finished reading an ARC called Falcon Wild about a teenage girl and her falcon who are lost in the wilderness after she sets out going for help for her father, who is pinned in their car after an accident. I really enjoyed it. James had a temp of nearly 102 and they swabbed his nose, drained more blood, x-rayed his chest, and the verdict was...he has Type-A flu.

Yes, he had a flu shot this year. The nurse told me this year's flu shot is only 15 percent effective.

Oh, yeah, and he has pneumonia. He had a pneumonia shot this year, too. And a booster. ::black look::

So after they gave him over two hours worth of IV saline and antibiotics, we headed home in the middle of Jeopardy, having picked up antibiotics and a new thermometer at the pharmacy, having completely missed the pouring rain predicted for early evening (it was wet but not raining as we drove home). Arrived there completely exhausted, had some chicken broth and alphabet pasta which was tasteless but reasonably filling for supper, and eventually dragged our way into bed.

Unfortunately we were both kept up by his coughing and when time came to get up I just went back to bed and slept until ten, and still felt zombified all day. James made himself breakfast, but mostly slept all day or half-heartedly surfed the internet on his little laptop. We just dumped out canned soup for supper and stared with glazed eyes at the television. Thursday night was another cough-fest, but I got up and did my eight hours on the computer, spending half the morning e-mailing back and forth about an invoice that shouldn't have been invoiced. After I wrapped up at four, we went to Kaiser to pick up a couple of prescriptions for James, then came home and ordered supper from China Palace. I think I've had it with wings. Too salty, too saucy. Next time I'll buy and roast my own.

Made the mistake of putting on Thirteen Days at 9:30. Terrific movie, especially liked Kevin Costner as Kenny O'Donnell, but I didn't realize it was so doggone long. I wanted to be in bed by eleven.

While James did sleep some last night, he did wake up, and wake me up, with his coughing. I got enough sleep to have enough energy to take myself off to Costco for more American cheese and Splenda packets for James and the Doctor Strange blu-ray for me. Spent about a half hour at Barnes & Noble seeing if any new series books were out, looking at new SF books for James, and buying the new "Bella Grace" and "Good Food" (I got the new "Milk Street" for James at Costco as well), then got lunch-to-go at Tin Drum, hoping the spices in the curry would help James' congestion a little. His temperature is all gone, but he's still feeling fatigued and stuffy, and is coughing in spasms at least once a half hour.

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