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» Sunday, March 12, 2017
Daylight Wasting Time

Urgh. Never sleep well after DST, and this morning was no exception. James got up earlier than me, but I didn't drag out of bed until ten. While James took Tucker out, I went around finishing turning the clocks and all the timers ahead. Thank God the computers and the tablets and the television take care of themselves.

Daylight Saving was wasted on today as it was uniformly grey and gloomy and damp and chilly. Sometime around noon we went out to Kroger with James' "Kroger bucks" and some coupons and bought milk and salad fixings and other edible items (plus a few things for Atomicon). Since we had to go out to Dallas Highway to get decent bread from Kroger, we decided to stop at the new Sprouts about a half mile up from the Kroger. I was very happy because next door to it was a Petco and I needed to get Snowy more birdseed.

Well, we found soup for supper at Sprouts—if there was any day for soup, this was it—and some meat on sale, but the Petco trip was a bust: the new store doesn't open until tomorrow! Several other people heading for the door were disappointed, too, including a couple with a dachshund cross who was eager to go in. So we had to change course on the way home and hit the Petsmart on the East-West Connector. They had three chartreuse-colored budgies who reminded me so much of our Pigwidgeon.

By the time we got home, James had to jump and make himself more breakfast burritos, and by the time he finished that, it was time for supper and some television. We have found ourselves hooked on Masterchef Junior because the kids are so cute, but missed the one where adorable little Eddie got "kicked off the island." So I found it online via the web browser on the television, but it refused to play. Basically to see it I had to download the "Fox Now" app on my tablet, and then do a screen cast to the television. So stupid.

Had a terrible sinus headache most of the day until I had the soup, and basically finished off the night reading latest paperback entry in the "Royal Spyness" mysteries. This was a good meaty entry, with "Georgie" meeting her cousins Princesses Louise and Beatrice (Queen Victoria's daughters), and contending with a body that shows up at Kensington Palace.

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