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» Saturday, March 11, 2017
Bibliophile's Weekend

Usually I would sleep in on Friday, but this Friday was different: I was up promptly at 7:30 to eat, walk the dog, and then head for the Cobb County Library annual book sale, a story told here. From there I went to the Macland Publix to pick up this week's twofers, except they were out of Uncle Ben's rice, and had no baguettes, Toufeyan wraps, or lamb. I decided to treat myself to pork fried rice from Dragon 168; haven't been there since last spring. While the scent tormented me all the way home, the resultant feast was a bit of a bust. There have been times that Dragon's dishes have been much too greasy, but this was so dry that it had little taste.

I spent the rest of the afternoon gloating over the books, putting some of the groceries away, finishing my book reviews for February, and reading the rest of Tasha Alexander's The Adventuress, which had a predictable solution but did get creepy toward the end.

We had supper at Ken's Grill and hit the Smyrna Publix for the missing items before heading home.

James had trouble sleeping, but he was still up early to eat breakfast in time to go to the model contest the IPMS society was throwing this weekend. I left on his heels and went back to the book sale. The cream of the crop is gone with the Friday buyers, but there are only a few people there on Saturday morning and you can browse what's left at your leisure. The few things I picked up are listed at the bottom of this entry. I almost picked up a book of Canadian winter photographs, but I figured one coffee-table book semiannually is enough. ☺

Next I went up to the Barnes & Noble on Dallas Highway to see if the new "Breathe" was on the newsstand. Well, not there. I had a coupon with me and bought the third book in the "St. Mary's" series. I was a bit aghast because they no longer have books in a "new release" section for each genre. How will I see if new books by my favorite authors are out? Or find new books/series to read? I have always relied on the displays to show me interesting new things. Phooey.

Next I had lunch at the Panera in the same shopping center. They were massively crowded the entire time I was there, but I just sat down with My Small Country Living and happily read until my soup showed up (they had people delivering the soup rather than you going to get it). But the lack of "new release" shelves and no "Breathe" had me curious to see if I could have better luck at Town Center. But how to avoid Barrett Parkway, which is a mess on a Saturday? Used an alternate route: went up Due West Road instead, like I was heading for Books-a-Million, then turned east on Due West Kennesaw, which brings me out north of the road, but at least I don't have to drive on it.

By then, however, my low gas light was on, so I stopped first at Costco to fill up. It was chilly and rainy up on that hill, but the fresh air felt good after the stuffy atmosphere at the book sale and in Panera. Then I went through the back way to get to Barnes & Noble. Skunked again! I guess this is a new trend at the store. It just made me grumpy, so I went home and had some chocolate. Was completely absorbed in reading My Small Country Living even after James arrived home.

We had a coupon for O'Charley's, so had dinner there, and I finished the book late into the night, having completely forgotten to turn the clocks ahead, so I had to rush around at least pushing the clocks ahead upstairs. There are eleven clocks and six timers for me to change. [eyeroll] Damn, I hate DST. I saw my last sunrise yesterday; won't see another one now (unless there is some emergency—please, no, God) until a few weeks before and after the summer solstice. I hate driving to work in the pitch darkness.

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