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» Sunday, March 26, 2017
To Those We Leave Behind

May have slept better last night, certainly didn't sleep long enough. My eyelids feel like they have bricks on them. Nevertheless, we were up at 9:15 to get dressed/start packing so we could get breakfast before the buffet shut down. Damn, no French toast again. This time I had extra oatmeal.

The younger crowd was still occupied in a new game of Betrayal, but some folks were already heading out, like Jerry and Sue. When we got done with breakfast, we rushed back to the room and finished packing, stuffing as much as we could in the suitcase (since we bought the pants and underwear, the thing was packed; I even had to unzip the gusset) and moving everything forward and out as we worked, then finally towed everything into the common room, where we packed up the leftover cookies and noshed on a few fruits (well, more than a few; James had six tangerines). I guess we need to have a game night to whittle the cookies down; the hotel also provided us with their cookies daily. I then went to check out and make reservations for next year, plus to make a reservation for the day of the eclipse. Helen will be in the area of totality, if just for a minute or two, and a bunch of folks in the group had already made reservations as well (the Spiveys, the Butlers, and Charles that we know of). Shari came by to say goodbye while I was there. She usually stays over Monday, but said with everyone gone it would be too lonesome and she could use the money instead of the time off. She has to drive all the way back to Birmingham.

Juanita and David asked if we wanted to join them at Wendell's for lunch, and we pretty much thought it would make a much better experience than last night. 😕 So we loaded up the truck with their help, and put the tarps on because it was very cloudy and threatening of rain, then went back inside to say our goodbyes. Gave everyone left a hug and then headed down to the diner with the truck looking like a funky Conestoga.

Boy, it was crowded! Everyone must come here after church! We almost didn't find a parking space, then had to wait a little while, but were soon seated. James and David and I had the Sunday lunch special (we had chicken and David the meatloaf) and Juanita had their fish one more time. She says their fish is very lightly breaded and is super moist. She was still sorry about having to make a fuss last night, but eating dry foods cause her a great deal of pain.

Then lunch was over and we parted and headed off. James stopped for gasoline at the Ingles in Cleveland, and a little later for a Coke Zero in Dawsonville; otherwise we went nonstop from Wendell's in Sautee to the vet in Dunwoody. Of course since we put the tarps on, there was a simple spatter of rain and nothing else. The sun came out by the time we reached our exit.

We always arrive at the vet from Helen needing to use the restroom and this time was no exception. As I washed my hands, I could hear Snowy calling and he was in full chirble as I came out to the reception desk. We got him settled in the carry box before Tucker was brought out; he came out from the back like a steam engine dragging the vet tech behind him, right to me bouncing up and down until he noticed James. Paid the bill, which merely made me scream (I expected it; it included a checkup and shots, too, plus bathing and claw clipping for Tucker), and the tech helped us out the truck and getting the tarp off the truck bed so we could put in the bird cage, once more wrapped in a plastic garbage bag. We were so intent on this and on getting home that we didn't notice that we left Tucker's blanket and his fox behind, and Snowy's cage cover, until after the vet was closed. I left a message for them and guess I will have to stop tomorrow on the way home.

We were exhausted when we got home, from lack of sleep and the sun, but did get everything out of the truck except for a couple of things from Walmart that are in the "trunk." Was going to wash the clothes in the suitcase and was so tired that I gave up on it. They're in the washer, anyway. By the time we got everything settled it was suppertime, and James made something with eggs and I had leftover pork chop and potatoes, and we watched last Thursday's Masterchef Junior. It amazes me what they have these kids make! Not just good food served in a nice manner like at the diners we ate at, but "presented" like a piece of artwork. Seems silly as long as as the food doesn't look like the dog's dinner. Then I put on three of the four Make Room for Daddy episodes that recorded last week, where the kids talk Danny into proposing to Kathy, and then an episode about their honeymoon with the kids, and another with Terry not wanting Kathy to take over her household duties.

Sort of spent the rest of the evening in a funky daze. In fact James fell asleep for almost all of the Danny Thomas stories. Had North Woods Law on, as I didn't think James would be interested in the Brontë sisters and recorded that instead.

And now our wonderful weekend is over, again all too soon, and it's time for bed.

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