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» Friday, August 09, 2019
Doctorial Dissertations

Alas, this was our week for doctor's appointments.

James swapped working on Wednesday to work on Thursday, so he didn't have to take time off for his cardiologist appointment. So Wednesday morning we were driving out to Glenlake (an annoying proposition at any time of the day). The place was nearly SRO and we had to park up on the deck. Of course the doctor was concerned about the emergency room visit and has put in a referral for a stress test. Bad news is that it's at Emory Midtown. There's always construction around there and traffic is a nightmare. However, Marilyn and Phyllis tell us the staff is nice. We have to wait for them to call.

I also had to pick a bone with someone at the pharmacy. I got all my prescriptions filled at the same time in June, at Glenlake, and I was supposed to have ninety fenofibrate in the bottle to last through September 22. What I got would only last until the 29th of August. So we had to wait until I got the rest of my pills. The pharmacist was upset because the bottles are pre-made and should have had ninety pills in it, and a seal on it. Shoot. I got these back in June; I guess they had a seal on them.

Discovered on the way home that I had a BOGO coupon for Boston Market, so we picked up lunch, and then came home and I had enough time to do the laundry on its usual Wednesday. Also, got home in time to be there when Alex came to do the lawn so we could pay him.

On Friday we both had appointments in rheumatology with Dr. Salazar. James was there for a followup, and I had made my first appointment. A little over a month ago, I started having some problems with my right arm. I can wake up because it's hurting, or if I use it too much it hurts, and sometimes even if I'm sitting reading a book and keep my arm in the same position the pain becomes very bad. Also, when I reach up to get something on a high shelf, I have to push myself to reach, like there is something holding the  and it hurts.

So I had the first appointment and James had one after me, with a patient in between us, but the doctor took us both at once. He had me move my arm around a bit and it turns out I have a rotator cuff strain and need to be on super NSAIDs for six weeks. We will have a phone followup after the six weeks. James' problem was a little more complicated. When he was on the steroids everything improved, not just his stiff hands and his hips and his feet, but his knees where he's been having the shots. The doctor says if that's the case, he's going to give James another course of steroids, and if it does the same thing again, he's going to have to change the approach of his treatment. Well, that sounds like fun. Not.

So we stopped at the pharmacy (again, although different pharmacy from Wednesday; we were at Cumberland on Friday) and then had lunch at Hibachi Grill, followed by a trip to Barnes & Noble. Found a 20 percent off mystery book called Singapore Sapphire taking place in 1910.

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