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» Sunday, June 10, 2018
A Real Elevator Week
It's eventful week. Several of the events were pleasant. Some were not.

Monday, for instance, I got some good housework done, and worked on a project I'd long thought about, a tribute page to author Gladys Taber. I finished with it and uploaded it on Tuesday.

However, James came home from work with a painful problem stemming from his infection. So he teleworked on Tuesday, and I went with him to see his cardiologist, who was pleased with his progress, and then we had to go back to Urgent Care to have the problem seen to (even though in visiting the cardiologist, we were one floor down from his urologist, but we couldn't get an appointment, and we were told he would be better treated at Urgent Careā€”go figure). He had an ultrasound which noted that there were no serious problems; they just extended his antibiotic. Unfortunately he was just going to have to "get through" the pain.

Wednesday and Thursday I did an errand for James, the laundry, washed the kitchen floor, and completed my monthly computer backup.

Friday James had such little sleep I went with him to his iron infusion just to make sure he didn't fall asleep. He told me he slept through the entire infusion. I took the truck and went to JoAnn and to the library, taking out The Art of Tasha Tudor, The World of Louisa May Alcott, and The Edwardian Lady (about Edith Holden, author of the Country Diary). James was just emerging when I got back.

Last Saturday was a nasty bitch of a day. James had ordered new batteries for his power chair since he is losing power very rapidly even with little use. The chair is almost four years old and batteries only last a year or two. They called us during the week and we went to Batteries+Bulbs to get them; they had promised to install them as well. Well, the poor guy was the only one there, so he had to keep serving customers while doing the install. After over an hour he came out and had to confess he couldn't do it. There are two types of batteries that fit that chair, and he had inadvertently ordered the type that had the straight posts, not the tilted posts that we need. So he will have to send the batteries back and order the right kind. Terrific. James has his club meeting next week!

So we went to Sam's and picked up milk and a couple of other things; however, they did not have the mandarin oranges we went there for. We headed home to put the stuff away and go to the open house for Colin Butler, who just received his Master's Degree. James decided to empty the catheter bag before we left.

His catheter balloon must have become deflated, because the catheter fell out. Damn.

We still went to Colin's party for about a half hour, then spent almost four hours at Urgent Care. There were many more people there than Tuesday, and also last Saturday, so we had a wait. All we wanted was the catheter replaced, but they asked a whole bunch of questions and we had to go through the whole stupid thing about why he's wearing the catheter. I swear I need to write it down. I am so sick of telling the same story over and over.

We got out of there after seven and had supper at Fried Tomato Buffet because something else nice besides Colin's party had to happen today. We feasted on barbecue ribs and chicken'n'dumplings, then came home and I watched the nice Perry Como special they recently did on PBS.

Today has been quiet, but frustrating because James is still in pain. This is very hard for me to know I can't do anything to help. We did go to Publix to get him some lunchmeats and bread, but then came home because he was so tired out from the pain. I spent the afternoon washing towels, sorting James' pills and re-doing his meds list, and finally trying to fix the cover of a used book I got in the mail yesterday. I ordered two used books from Amazon Marketplace in May. They were both mailed on the 23rd, then spent fifteen days cooling their heels in a post office facility in Pontiac, Michigan! They were supposed to be delivered on Monday. When they weren't, Amazon went looking for them and apparently gave them a kick in the butt, because both packages suddenly left the facility the next day, and were delivered on Saturday. One book, which was described as in "good" condition, had a good inch and a half of the lower front cover chewed up! I contacted Amazon immediately and the vendor gave me a refund, but the book still looked horrible. It's an amateurish  "fix" but it looks better than being chewed.

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