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» Saturday, June 02, 2018
A Quick Escape

Well, we woke up this morning facing a very unpleasant task. Friday morning James woke up having pain when he urinated, and what he was outputting was dark like stout and unpleasantly fragrant. After all the efforts we have made to make certain the site stayed sanitary, he still had what looked like a urinary tract infection. The urologist's instructions were clear: because of the foley we couldn't let it linger. So this morning we had to go up to Kennesaw and Urgent Care. This was a bit flashbacky because the last time we were there was April and they thought he was having a heart attack (instead it was the fluid on his left lung) and the time before that it took us an hour to just get in the office because of all the flu patients, and then we were in the room for so long they had to feed us because James' blood sugar was tanking.

To our relief, there were only about six other people there, the nurse agreed that this sure did sound like a UTI, and the doctor concurred. A tech did a bladder scan to make sure James wasn't retaining any fluid, then they sent a sample to the lab and this was the longest we had to wait, for the results of the test. Sure enough, nasty little bacteria were present. They gave James a prescription for Cipro, we picked it up at the pharmacy, and then we were off. It was only a little over an hour.

We had lunch at a place we could see from Kaiser TownPark: Capriotti's. It's a soup/salad/sandwich place on the same idea as Panera. Unfortunately they had no chicken soup today, but I had a very nice clam chowder—it even had real clams in it! (sorry, Shoney's joke...)—and tuna salad sandwich. James had a "Bobbie," which is basically Thanksgiving dinner in a sandwich, and turkey chili. Not bad. I would not be adverse to stopping by again when we are in the area (although I hope it's not at Kaiser TownPark). Very sad, though, to notice the Uncle Maddio's in the same area closed.

We stopped at Barnes & Noble for a bit. I bought a gift for someone and James got the DK book The Story of Food. The we went home via Batteries+Bulbs. The battery in the power chair is slowly starting to die. James doesn't use it when he's at home, only when we go out or on a trip, or when he goes to work, and he doesn't use it much at work, but he's been coming home in the afternoon with it down two notches. It won't get him through DragonCon, that's for sure. He's had the chair 3 1/2 years and with hard daily use I hear they last only about one to two years. So we ordered the set of two (it needs two for some reason).

By the time we got home it was 4:30, still hot as all get out, and muggy. We just went in and undressed and I put on Jurassic World. It's passable. It doesn't have any sense of wonder like the first, though, which is its biggest problem. Also, the parents of the kids in the story (two brothers) and the aunt of the kids are freaking annoying. The parents are presumably about to split up, presumably because Mom the executive can't seem to even take time away from her job for her family, and the aunt is the same driven businesswoman. Chris Pratt as the male lead is cute, competent, and it was kind of nifty the way he used the velociraptors' imprinting instinct for him. No one cared when Vincent D'Onfrio's baddie died because he was such a twerp. More idiot upper management!

Afterwards we put on From the Earth to the Moon so we could pay tribute to the late Alan Bean with "That's All There Is," and then of course we had to watch "Spider," because it's our favorite. Here I am still pissed 20 years later that HBO did not give us a CD of the original score to this series. All they releases was the opening and closing themes with a bunch of stupid pop tunes that were played in the episode. Mason Daring's music was brilliant, and there are other lovely themes. Marc Shaiman's wistful theme in "The First Wives' Club" is a particular favorite. James requested the first episode.

[Later: Sunday was quiet. We went to Kroger because we had coupons, and then to Microcenter to replace James' keyboard. He has become fond of the wireless one he uses while teleworking and wanted a permanent one for his computer. Sunday night we started to catch up on the Hawaii Five-0 episodes we have backlogged because I had read there was a scene where Adam's kidnapper put ants all over him. I gave the remote to James so he could control the DVR once the scene happened. Luckily it was at the beginning so I could close my eyes and plug my ears!]

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