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» Friday, April 20, 2018
Yet Another Appointment
If you thought we could come home from the hospital and rest until James had to go back to work, well, you were optimistic. In fact, we had an appointment with the vascular surgeon the very next day to arrange having James' fistula put in. Whether or not the Kennestone doctors were correct about James not needing dialysis for a while, they did agree he will need it, so we are just kept the previously-scheduled appointment. This went well; Dr. Austin used an ultrasound to examine James' left arm and says he has a big, perfect vein in his arm for the fistula. He had to contact James' cardiologist and then the date will be arranged. This is outpatient surgery and will be done with a local anathesia and a sedative. [The surgery is May 11—we asked for it after WHOlanta—and James will not have to be off Brilinta before the surgery; the doctor said the surgery will just take a half hour longer.]

We had to go out to Glenlake for this appointment and treated ourselves to Tin Drum on the way home.

Wednesday we had the one appointment I wasn't certain of why it was scheduled, with Dr. Thakour, the internest. Basically this was just a general followup. James did ask that we have the transitional nurse come to visit us in hopes that she might have some answers for us (like about the Foley catheter). He had some blood tests, we picked up some prescriptions (I practically hyperventilated when I had to pay for them), and then we got to come home just in time for him to leave for dialysis. He came home exhausted. We have to figure out what's causing that and see if we can do something.

Thursday we had to drive across town to finally get the power chair fixed. The technician was very young, and had it fixed in a trice. We also got him to adjust the springs so that the drive wheels of the chair now fit snugly into the grooves of the chair lift as Scott at Mobility Works says they need to.

On the way home we stopped at the Buford Highway Farmer's Market and discovered this is when they're not crowded. 😊 We picked up some frisee and some nice pork chops and more buckwheat noodles, but alas, they had no Ritter "Pfefferminz" bars. We always pick some up to have for special desserts. It looks as if they don't carry them anymore, and the only place I can get them is mail order from (guess where) Walmart. Amazingly, we drove home through 3:30 rush hour traffic and it wasn't all that bad.

In other news, Barbara Bush and Carl Kasell (from Wait! Wait! Don't Tell Me) both passed away, and, for smiles, the 2018 Hallmark Keepsake Ornament catalog is available.

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