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» Saturday, January 27, 2018
Sick Saturday

At 4:30 a.m. I was talking to a nice advice nurse named Alan at Kaiser for what to do about my problem, which had rudely awakened me a half-hour earlier after plaguing me all evening. He said to watch for dehydration and definitely call back if I had a high fever, but that both vomiting and diarrhea are basically intended to cleanse your body of some poison or irritant that has invaded it. It was best to let nature take its course, but if I wasn't any better by noon I should take Immodium as directed on the box.

I slept in until eight and sent James off to Hair Day by himself. I was still not feeling well when he left, but as the morning wore on I improved bit by bit, so I washed our new sheets to get the sizing off them, and washed the bedclothes. Also neatened up, put up a few Valentine's Day decorations in the dining room (I'm so late putting up the rest of the winter decorations that I figured why bother, and I haven't put any Valentine things up in a few years because once I have the winter things up I don't want to take them down just for Valentine stuff), swept the stairs and shook out the rug in the foyer, put away the rest of the groceries I bought yesterday, and also managed to watch Bing Crosby: Revisited, an "American Masters" segment. Later I started listening to the John Denver CD collection I bought so long ago and have hardly played.

When James came home, he helped me put the bed back together and we also installed the new toilet seat.

I was kind to my abused tummy and had rice with soup; James had his own soup, and we watched a doubleheader: Galaxy Quest and Spaceballs.

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