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» Saturday, August 19, 2017
First Day Out

I had a wonderful morning. James walked Tucker for me.  He got a big hug from me for that, but I'm still not risking kissing him anytime soon. That's all we need is him being sick.

Otherwise, I guess I'm better—my throat no longer feels like someone is slicing it, and my nose is clear occasionally; my glands aren't sore any longer. But I'm still stuffy enough to affect my hearing, the throat still spasms, and no matter how much I drink, my mouth always feels dry. Not sure if it's from the Afrin, gargling with salt, or what, but the inside of my mouth feels like the Sahara even if I've just finished drinking and has a funny taste to boot (probably from the antibiotic). Worst of all, I'm tired to death. Even when I sleep, I'm not getting any relaxation from it.

So the trip to Kroger this morning practically wiped me out. It was my first time going anywhere but to the doctor since last Sunday. Came home and wrapped a birthday present and then lay down until we had to leave to go to dinner.

This was at what we used to call a Mongolian barbecue place (we used to do Mongolian a lot in Warner Robins; you pick a starch (rice or noodles), veggies, and meat, and the flavor oils, and they cook it for you. This place was called Big Chow and was at the Galleria (the place I've always called "the world's most boring mall" because it was filled with boutique clothing shops, but had no bookstores). Well, when we got there it was packed (no idea what's going on, but there was a shoe trade show), and they have to have guards on duty now so that people won't freeload, park for free, and walk to the Braves games. We had to park on the lowest level and come in through the empty end of the mall where there used to be a big restaurant and a movie theatre (we saw something here once; a Star Trek film? Howard the Duck? can't remember).

We had a nice crowd celebrating Ron Butler's 65th birthday and the food was good, but I'd like to come back at some point where I can actually taste it. The only problem was the noise; this is a big, high-ceilinged place, no curtains or noise-dampening at all. All the conversation hits the metal walls and bounces back. It's odd how as I'm getting older I can't hear as well but loud noise bothers the life out of me.

And now we're back home and my nose is clogging up again. Grrr.

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