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» Saturday, April 22, 2017
Adventures on Saturday (Morning Edition)

One feels so much more like doing things when one gets a decent night's sleep and doesn't have to be up in the dark. I love sleeping dark to light. Daylight Saving Time can go hang itself.

Once Tucker was walked (which James usually does on weekends) and breakfast was eaten, we were off on an expedition. The container I bought for my almonds was not large enough, so I wanted to go back to the Container Store for one that would fit. We actually picked up several, for the almonds and cashews James puts into dinners as well.

When we got done next door at Barnes & Noble—checked out the magazines and I bought a book about creative illustration with one of my coupons—we headed off to Trader Joe's on Roswell Road and had a surprise when we parked: they have moved Penzey's Spices next door into a smaller store. It actually rather suits Penzey's better as the other store was much larger than they needed (and I'm sure the rent is much cheaper). We picked up a small lunch at Trader Joe's (a tuna wrap for me and turkey for James) and stocked up on chicken apple sausage and miso broth and a few other goodies. We also went into Penzey's for some Chinese cinnamon and sweet curry.

At the end of the parking lot is a dog boutique. This is where the gentleman at the Farmer's Market bought the freeze-dried duck hearts that so entranced Tucker one Saturday. So I walked down there while James moved the truck. Yow! I couldn't afford the freeze-dried duck hearts, so I got turkey hearts instead.

I-285 was poking along, so we headed off via surface streets, a much pleasanter ride past the big houses surrounded by lush lawns and big overhanging trees of Riverside Drive and Heards Ferry Road. There's a stone home on Riverside Drive that I much covet, but then I've loved stone homes since I saw the beautiful ones in Pennsylvania.

We had been able to have the truck windows open early this morning, but it was too hot by the time we headed home, so James came in rather the worse for sun and sacked out in the recliner for a couple of hours. I used the time to watch four episodes of Make Room for Daddy, including one featuring Dinah Shore and her daughter Melissa.

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