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» Saturday, April 09, 2016
"Let's Light This Candle..."

I didn't particularly like getting up early this morning, but it was either that or run into crowds at the Farmer's Market. We hadn't been in ages and figured we'd go. Tucker was so wild to come with us that he wouldn't even pee before we left. He wanted in the truck instead.

It was a nice clear morning, but astonishingly brisk for April. Usually it's already in the 80s in the afternoon by now. It was 42°F this morning and there was a breeze that made the banner flag snap out flat as we loaded the power chair on the truck. We were actually in jackets. The cold must have held off a bunch of others, because although we arrived a little after nine, there were still parking places in the lot off Powder Springs Road. Wimps. :-)

Tucker had a grand time sniffing noses with all the other dogs, including a Great Pyrenees. He seriously gives my left arm some strength training. :-) He dragged me to enough trees that I laughed. It's a dog's version of Facebook. We bought some cucumber, two pastries for dessert and some scones, more dog biscuits, and James got some tamales. The guy who used to sell the chicken salad was subbing for Diana, the lady who sells the salmon and trout, so we caught up with him, and talked with the "Big Daddy" dog biscuit lady.

On the outbound leg a cute little Jack Russell bitch and Tucker greeted each other, and then she growled at him. We continued following behind and stopped for a sample of goat cheese at the same time the Russell's owner did. He gave his dog a treat and asked if Tucker could have one, too. I said yes and Tucker's eyes got really big when he smelled it and gobbled it right down. So I asked what it was and where he got it. Freeze-dried duck hearts! From Dog City, which is near Penzey's Spices. He gave Tucker another and I think Tucker would have followed him home had we let him. Which is really funny because he's not that food-driven, at least not like Willow was. He's turned down eating, even a cookie, to go out on the deck.

We brought him home, came upstairs and had breakfast, and set out on our errands. First we went to MicroCenter for new DSL filters. We've been having a problem since last fall with the DSL signal dropping out when the phone rings (it comes right back after the caller hangs up). As it gets closer to the election it means we're going to get more annoying calls than ever and it will be knocking out the signal. Unfortunately MicroCenter doesn't stock them any longer. Phooey.

Returned the candle to JoAnn, got another in return, and bought an additional one since the second candle is staying on all the time, not turning off at dawn. The customer service lady tested them both for me before ringing them up. Plus bought a few more charms and a chain for the gift I bought yesterday. Stopped next door at Michael's and bought a new calligraphy pen and found something cute as a gift. Then we went on to Hobbytown where James went inside and I sat in the car with the windows open and read a free Kindle mystery, although the fresh air was putting me to sleep by the time James emerged.

By that time we were both ready for lunch. We ate at Twisted Kitchen again. I had Asian noodles again, with some grilled chicken in addition to the grilled steak. James had a bacon cheeseburger noodle dish. When we finished up we went to Barnes & Noble. I got a couple of things off the clearance table (a book about calligraphy and a back scratcher—wish I'd had one when I had the rash!) and James picked up a "Cook's Country." Finally it was on our way home.

Got the candles set up in short order. We don't have a front window that's our living room; that room simply overlooks the foyer. The two small bedrooms have the front approach, so I have a small candle with blue bulbs in each. This started way back when we were in the apartment. The front of the apartments faced a rectangle of grass; you parked and came in through the kitchen. One Christmas I put a single candle in the kitchen window and after the holidays were over James said he missed it because the little candle looked so welcoming. So I had a candle in the front window of the old house that he could see when he came in at night, and now we have the two at front.

Had my leftover shrimp scampi for supper with the second of my two Chicago rolls with some Kerrygold butter. James had picked up some Jamaican on the way home and he ate that, and we had the chocolate-filled pastries for dessert. Excellent! Watched the first three new This Old House episodes where they are building a kit house (like the homes Sears sold for thirty years). These are made in Vermont. We also had two different Ask This Old House segments to watch, plus this week's Big Bang Theory and, finally, Castle. Sadly, I'm getting a bit tired of the last. Now Castle and Beckett are sparring with Castle's Amazon-Echo-type gadget. I wonder if there is a payoff to this storyline, like they're being spied at through "Lucy."

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