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» Sunday, November 27, 2016
Life is What Happens When You're Making Other Plans #1257

We got to bed kind of late, but this morning we had a chance to sleep in. We needed to get some milk today, and I had to go back to Verizon to get my Hum installed, and we were thinking about going into Buckhead to see what they had at Barnes & Noble since 30 percent off a book and off all magazines doesn't happen every day.

At 5:30 a.m. I was awakened by a thump, what sounded like books falling over, and James' voice near my side of the bed. He was on the floor, having headed to the bathroom, then somehow twisted on his feet and stumbled forward, heading for the door instead and clonking his head on my dresser.

So in a few minutes I was playing nurse in the bathroom—James' skin has gotten very thin and he had scraped his hand and his elbow—and I was doing the usual "clonking" questions: is your vision blurry? how many fingers am I holding up? what's your mother's name? etc. He wasn't dizzy, his pupils were equal, he was coherent, and we just stayed up for an hour before going back to bed. He got up before me and limped through walking the dog and scraping together breakfast, but he was in a lot of pain. He called the advice nurse at Kaiser and she told him some stuff he could do, but she recommended going to urgent care. Sigh.

While he was eating I went on the porch and took down the Thanksgiving decorations and put up the Christmas ones, including the net lights on the bushes and the little blue pine tree on the table. I usually do a little bit of decorating on the first Sunday of Advent, even if it's only putting the candles in the windows. Didn't know if I would make it today. And I ran to Publix to get that milk we needed, a couple of yogurt cups, and some bread, which I made a sandwich with since God knows how long we would be at urgent care. We went by Wendy's to get James a grilled chicken burger.

We still had to stop by Verizon first. They'd opened at noon and at ten past were already slammed, so I had to wait. I filed my nails while I stood there. Finally got the Hum install (it plugs in the socket they use when they inspect your car), but then we couldn't log on to James' e-mail to get it fully connected. Sigh. But then finally we could head up to Kennesaw at urgent care.

We were actually taken care of pretty quickly by a nice team of folks, but it took a while because there were so many things to get through. First we talked to the nurse, then went into the back where we talked with the Physician's Assistant. Even though the bump on James' head did not break the skin, she wanted a CT scan just to make sure he wasn't bleeding internally (because he's on blood thinners), and then they had to do an X-ray of his back. In the meantime the tech cleaned out the scrape on his hand and cut away all the dead skin and bandaged him up, and he had a flu shot. The CT scan came up clean and the X-ray showed a lot of arthritis but nothing broken. The PA talked about giving him muscle relaxants, but he wants to go to work tomorrow because he hopes he can get his computer in shape to telework when it finally rains this week. So instead he has the week's worth of steroids that will make his blood sugar go crazy. Hopefully it will make him feel better, too.

We came home by the Town Center Barnes & Noble so we could use a coupon on the new David Weber book, and I got some modeling magazines for him as well. And we went by Best Buy and I finally got this year's copy of Big Bang Theory. So everything got done anyway (except the fun trip to Buckhead), and we had the City Cafe soup for supper, since we needed some comfort food. And I did manage to get the candles put in the front windows. We are the first house in the complex with outside lights, although Eddie and Miranda next door and the new folks down the street from Florida have Christmas trees up. Will commence more decorating tomorrow.

Later watched the animated A Christmas Carol (with the voice of Alistair Sim) and needed a laugh so put on The Fiveish Doctors Reboot. And then finally it was time for Alaska: the Last Frontier.

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