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» Friday, July 08, 2016
This Not Better Be the New Typical
Spending money in big amounts makes me crazy, even if it's for something as necessary as an air conditioner. Especially when the price is twice what it was six years ago when yet another air conditioner needed replacing.

Maybe it's why I didn't sleep. Or it was my clogged nose which kept me awake most of the night because I'd wake up after breathing through my mouth and everything from my lips down to my throat dried out and I couldn't take a breath. When it was four o'clock and I'd slept less than an hour, I finally gave up, called in sick, and then tried to get some more sleep. I was awake, however, until James got up and went to work (six a.m.), after which exhaustion finally conked me in the head and I did sleep, even though I was tossing and turning.

I got up groggily at 9:30 for three reasons: Tucker needed a walk before it got any warmer, I needed to cancel an appointment, and, most importantly, the phone rang. It was James. Apparently he'd been suffering from a severe backache since 2 a.m. (the one hour of the night I did end up sleeping) and had already taken four naproxen and six ibuprofin. The advice nurse at Kaiser said he'd taken the limit of OTC painkillers for the day and needed to go to urgent care. And he was not to drive himself just in case they needed to give him major drugs. James said he wanted to work a few more hours to at least get five or six hours in.

So I walked the dog, cancelled the appointment, ate breakfast because my stomach was growling, and then my thoughts turned happily to going back to bed until about noon, when I figured James would be home.

Except I was just heading that way when the garage door went up.

Turned out the back pain was getting worse now that the ibuprofin was wearing off. So instead of heading to bed I was dressing and headed to Kaiser at Town Center.

We spent about three hours there. The nurse examined James' back and the motion of his leg. She didn't think it was a spinal problem. They tested his urine for kidney problems and that came up blank, so, eliminating the other factors it could only be muscular. As always, tell the doctor your back hurts and eventually they stick you with muscle relaxants and send you home. It happened once again.

So I guess it was a good thing I was home sick, or I would have had to leave work anyway.

By the time we left Kaiser it was well after two and James' blood sugar was down to 52. So we stopped next door at Panera and had lunch, then came home. By now I was in a sleepy fog and after I walked the dog—oh, then the utter bliss of more sleep! James took the muscle relaxant and it sent him off to dreamland as well. I only roused because Snowy was calling for someone in a loud, plaintive chirp. I wobbled out there to find Tucker sacked out in James' computer chair. Poor Snowy was the only one awake. I spoke to him awhile, then went back into our bedroom to sleep, but I couldn't get into doze mode again, so instead I came out to watch the news and all the sad activity in Dallas.

Much, much later, not until seven, did we rouse out of sleep torpor and go to Firehouse Subs for supper.

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