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» Thursday, July 21, 2016
Interesting Times...Again
At least this morning it didn't involve James.

As I drove home this morning, James called. He had talked to the surgeon. They are going to put a stent in the worst of the three heart arteries tomorrow. If he is okay on Saturday they will send him home for a week to decompress/give his kidneys a rest, then he will go in for the other two stents on the Monday after. Hopefully the stents will work, and if he later needs a bypass, the kidneys will be on better footing. Of course the kidneys may never get better. A creatintine score of 3.5 may be his "new normal."

So I was in a fairly good mood when I got in the house...until I looked down at Tucker's water bowl. There was an ant near it. No, not an ant. Ants. And ants near the garbage can, on the stool next to the refrigerator, and crawling up the side of the cupboards next to the sink.

I freaked. The exterminator usually takes care of this, but it's been very dry and they get in looking for water. I ran for the vinegar spray and spent several frantic minutes spraying the back door to the deck (and on the deck) and the baseboards and the corners of all the kitchen with vinegar to destroy the trails while simultaneously stepping on/poking out ants and calling Northwest Exterminating with frantic notes in my voice. They responded splendidly and said they'd send someone over between eleven and one, and he actually arrived about 11:15.

In the meanwhile I tried to contact someone to come help me clean up the kitchen. If they were on the counters I had to clean them off. John and Betty came to my rescue, helped me remove stuff and John even cleaned the top of the stove off. We got the long counter cleared at least by the time the exterminator showed up, and then they brought me lunch and let me weep all over them and I just wailed out my frustration. It's like the Seven Plagues of Egypt here.

Anyway, after the exterminator left, having sprayed inside and out at the deck (where they undoubtedly climbed up, although I never found an ant trail) and even at the front door because I was afraid they were going to come in there, and I vacuumed and refilled Tucker's cleaned food dish and his water dispenser, I was able to head back to the hospital.

Since then we have had several "what the hell?" moments. For instance, someone asked James, "Why didn't you tell them when you got to the hospital that you had kidney problems?" Why not? Because he didn't know! Every time they have done a kidney test James says he has gotten a report back from Kaiser that he is midrange in this ratings and nothing was marked "high" or "abnormal." Then they gave him a blood transfusion because they say he is anemic! Where did that come from? Did the Heparin cause it, or anything else intravenous? He had blood tests a few months ago and apparently his tests didn't say he was anemic then!

Oh, well, time to take a shower and walk the dog, and then go back.

Please pray for James or similar good wishes. Thank you to the people who have been reading my mad ramblings and sending me e-mails of encouragement.

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