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» Sunday, July 10, 2016
Backs to the Fore

It's been a lackluster day. James awoke in pain, tried sleeping on the heating pad, then finally got up to sit in a straight-backed chair. I walked the dog. Did the grocery shopping, coming home feeling rather queasy and with a stomachache. Probably subconsciously dreading tomorrow and yet another damn debt. (It is no longer subconscious and I'm still queasy.)

Couldn't do much for James, so spent the afternoon watching two episodes of Wild Britain (the presenter has a soothing voice and I thought it might lull James, now in the recliner, to sleep). Instead, after the second one, he went back to the computer and I fell asleep. Woke up in time to watch two episodes of The Wild Wild West, one with Artemus Gordon as the main character for a change, and the second "The Night of the Returning Dead," one of my favorites, with Sammy Davis Jr (as Jeremiah, what today we might call an "animal whisperer") and Peter Lawford.

I'd brought home soup for lunch and we had a Hormel dinner (beef tips in gravy) over spaetzle for dinner, with a Hostess cupcake chaser. Watched some of the Olympic trials, then got bored and put on Waking Sleeping Beauty, a documentary about how the Disney Animation division found its legs again in the 1980s after The Black Cauldron failed (actually, I kinda like BC, although I was disappointed that Hayley Mills did not voice Eilonwy as was originally announced), through The Lion King. It was comprised not of interviews of "talking heads," as Leonard Maltin noted at the end, but of footage filmed at the time, which was fascinating: Michael Eisner, Jeffrey Katzenberg, Roy Disney Jr, etc. Loved the animators' sketches of some of the events that happened.

Poor James has pretty much been sitting with a heating pad all day. He says he is going to work tomorrow with it.

If all this hasn't been "fun" enough and tomorrow going to be a nightmare, I found out at Kroger this morning that they no longer have levothroid on their generic 4/10 drug list. So I will have to go to Kaiser for refills from now on. Thanks heaps for nothing, Kroger.

(Yep, no longer just queasy; now dinner's coming up on me...ugh.)

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