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» Sunday, March 13, 2016
Four Walls, No Waiting

Not much to say about my thrilling weekend. I tossed, turned and itched on Friday night, saw James off to his meeting Saturday, read a little, and then ended up, again, on the futon asleep most of the afternoon.

There was a minor kerfluffle after he left: my feet were taking a turn at not being swollen, so I tottered down to the end of the street with Tucker. As we rounded the corner to turn back, two big dogs burst out of the bushes next to the retaining pond. One looked like a pug on steroids, and the other, the same size, was an adolescent German Shepherd, mostly black. Neither had collars, and they gave the impression of just having escaped a yard and out for an adventure. The Shep tried to get Tucker to play, while Tucker had a little more relieving himself in mind. Once I ascertained the dogs weren't aggressive, I led them back up the street and then ran in the house to call animal control, as they kept heading for the  head of the street. People drive too fast out there and I didn't want either to get hurt. The guy next door tried to help me look for whoever owned them, and finally my feet were starting to swell and itch again, so when the dogs disappeared into the yard across the street, I let them. Animal Control didn't show up until an hour after that.

We had pizza for Saturday supper. By the time bedtime arrived I was feverish and had chills so bad my teeth were chattering. I finally asked James if he could cuddle closer to me just to give me some body heat, even though I was under the comforter and a fleece. My temperature wavered between 100.6 and 101.5 all day, my hands and feet so swollen I could hardly move either and it was difficult to walk or even pick up a glass. I spent another afternoon on the futon, my elbows painful no matter which way I turned.

However, in more hopeful news the rash is fading. I still itch abominably but I don't look as if I have burns all over my body anymore. The spiking fever is a puzzle, though, and I keep wondering just how I got the damn disease without having any warning signs.

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