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» Thursday, March 10, 2016
Diagnosis At Last!
The e-mail came through last night.

I have Lyme Disease of all things. And I thought the doctor was a bit strange ordering the test! I mean, I'm not exactly Nature Girl here. I dream of going walking in the woods, but there aren't any suitable close by. My walks consist of pounding the pavement thrice daily with "Mr. Sniff," who must stop to christen each tall blade of grass, check the sewer openings for hiding cats, and bark at things out of place. It's concrete and lawn all the way. We've been in the back yard only twice this year, both times when it was pretty chilly, but evidently something managed to leap out of the landscape at me.

I never saw a tick, nor the characteristic "bullseye rash" that is supposed to be a dead Lyme giveaway.

Dang, if I thought chickenpox was itchy... I don't remember the soles of my feet itching and burning so much with chickenpox!

I feel completely wiped out, which is also on the Lyme checklist, but no fever, and apparently that is also common. So I'm on doxycycline for a month. I can't wait until the antibiotic starts kicking in.