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» Monday, January 25, 2016
Sore Down to the Tonsils
If I still had any, that is.

I was feeling a little draggy last Wednesday, but chalked it up to the usual less-than-6-hours-sleep on non-telework days until I woke up Thursday with the sore throat from hell. I drank enough water and milk to keep Titanic afloat, and hot beverages, too, and my throat felt like an emery board sharpened with a razor strop. Worked my way through the day anyway.

Sometime after midnight my nose clogged up. In the end I had only two hours sleep. I had a doctor's appointment on Friday and had to cancel it because I was afraid to drive with such little sleep, plus it was pouring and damp outside. The last thing I wanted to do was traipse outside with a cold. It cost me $25, but I rescheduled. I figured if I slept for the rest of the day I'd feel better. I did go outside and refill the bird feeders during a break in the rain; a good thing, too, because the temperature plunged and it started snowing later on. We got very little snow; it was enough to ice the lawn and the rails of the deck and the roofs, but never stuck to the street or the concrete.

I was feeling moderately better Saturday; we slept late and had a lazy morning. I took Tucker out for a walk in the snow and took some photos, which I somehow lost for the rest of the day, to my frustration (they turned up later in the recycle bin, although I didn't delete them), and we did nothing that afternoon but assemble the new set of shelves we bought for the printer. I hate non-Ikea shelves. They don't go together properly for crap. We still have a screw sticking out, but since it doesn't compromise the integrity of the shelves, we just left it. It made me angrier that we spent 2 1/2 hours at this stupidity. It shouldn't take 2 1/2 hours to put a set of shelves together.

I was bit tired but okay as we headed for the Lawsons for a combination game night/late Christmas gift exchange. This was fun. We had pizza and the ladies played Cranium, Logo, and Humm...ble. As the night wore on, the sore throat reappeared and my sinuses got clogged up. I crawled into bed gratefully after we got home, but didn't sleep much. I'm not sneezing, my nose isn't running, and what does come out is clear, but my sinuses alternate between being clogged and being open and I must sleep with my mouth open and it dries out immediately so I have to get up and get water to rinse my mouth. Like about dozen times during the night. Not exactly conducive to restful slumber.

So I'm tired as all get-out when we have to go out shopping on Sunday. We drove up to BJs because we had some good coupons about to expire for things we needed. I like shopping there because (1) they take credit cards and (2) they take newspaper coupons, the latter which helps save a little more money. However, we didn't have the greatest time there: when we arrived there were no little power carts for James to use. They told us there weren't any available. James leaned on a shopping cart and soldiered through, so instead of browsing we just picked up the things we needed and checked out. Before we did I had to use the rest room. There was at least one cart abandoned next to the concession counter, but no employee had bothered to put it back where it belonged.

At least there was a cart at Kroger when we stopped for bread, yogurt, milk, and some managers' specials. The quicker that trip, the better: I was wiped out just walking these two stores and we hadn't even wandered up and down like we usually do. I didn't want to think what pain James' back was in. We had supper soon after we got home and by the time I had walked Tucker again my nose was clogged up (again) and my throat was sore (again). I shut my alarm clock off. Maybe if I got some sleep...

I did. I was so exhausted I slept through James' alarm all the way past 10:30. This should help!

And pigs would fly, presumably. I hadn't even gotten to walking the dog yet and my nose clogged up, my throat was sore again. When I started coughing—oh, great, this, too?—I threw up my hands, took a Mucinex, stripped the bed and washed the bedclothes, ate some lunch, tossed the laundry in the dryer, and went back to sleep until almost before James arrived home. Have spent the rest of the night coughing, sniffling, and trying to get my ears to pop while watching Brain Games.

Wednesday I can call Kaiser and finally tell them I've been sick for a week. I'm sure it's the usual: upper respiratory infection, yadda, yadda. It's always the same thing. The wind-up to the conclusion is a pain in the neck, though.

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