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» Friday, January 08, 2016

The less said about this morning, the better. Sometimes the omeprazole just doesn't work, although all I had for supper last night was a bowl of chicken soup and rice. You might have thought I ate blazingly spiced chili or kimchi. Thankfully was feeling better by afternoon, but didn't really want to go out. But we had to go pick up the food for the party tomorrow.

Went to Piccadilly Cafeteria and tried to have turkey, but it was smoked and tasted more like ham. I had a "chopped steak" (read "hamburger in gravy") instead. It was very mild flavored and did not cause any more problems.

We went to Sam's and picked up chicken wings and egg rolls. When we re-upped with Sam's we did so with a Groupon coupon and got a gift card and some freebees. We still hadn't claimed the breakfast pastry tray, so we got that. James will take it as his contribution to Hair Day and we have leftovers we can serve them at the party. We're trying not to overbuy food this year; there's nowhere to keep the leftovers. We also bought milk and an Asian salad kit for Sunday.

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