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» Thursday, December 24, 2015
Loaded With Stuffing

Well, it's been a fun couple of days, and, yeah, I'm being sarcastic. I was just slightly stuffed up on Wednesday morning, uncomfortable, but nothing unpleasant. Outside the weather was decidedly unpleasant: rain. Awash in rain. Dripping with rain. Soaked with rain. James isn't supposed to take the power chair out in excessive rain, so he got permission to work at home Wednesday and possibly Christmas Eve as well, and when I emerged from the bedroom with a swollen nose he was already hard at work taking calls.

I basically spent the day wrapping gifts and trying to keep my nose unclogged. A lot of hand washing was involved. I started out saying I would wrap five, then ten, and just kept going until I was done. I also had four birthday gifts to wrap as well. I left the paper out so James could wrap my gifts, and I still have one large gift that needs to go into a larger bag, and a little gift to wrap. Between the wrapping, the washing, and the nose-blowing this took all afternoon. I had hot soup for lunch, more ibuprofin, and by suppertime my nose was still completely clogged. I barely tasted the leftover fried rice for supper, and there were a couple of times I almost panicked because I simply could not breathe. The nadir came when I desperately pulled the jar of Vicks Vapo-Rub out of the cabinet and tried sniffing it. I couldn't even smell that.

As on Wednesday morning, I practically had to drag Tucker outside Wednesday night. The thunderstorms did not help. He hates the rain. He hates it so much he pee'd on the carpet instead of asking to go out. Grrr. To get in some Christmas spirit, watched "Merry Christmas, Bogg" from Voyagers! and "The Best Christmas" from The Waltons.

Work got slow for James and they let him "out" early on Wednesday. The same did not happen today. He was very surprised that it was so busy for Christmas Eve. Of course he worked at home again, so we didn't have to wait for him to make his way home. :-)

Last night I dragged out the new vaporizer, the one I bought for Bandit when it appeared the cold mist unit wasn't working. I never used the new one, a steam vaporizer, since Bandit passed before we could use it. I went crazy looking for salt to use in it; it needs salt for the chemical reaction to make the steam. I cleared off my nighttable and had it next to my pillow last night. Not sure how much good it did because the fan was blowing the steam around, but can't sleep without the fan—too hot, especially now, where we are having a stupid heat wave for Christmas and are expecting 75°F that day! Warm and raining, so sticky and humid.

This morning I could smell the Vicks again (faintly), but now the expected is happening and I'm developing a cough. The only thing I really did today was run to Publix. Got Coke Zero for James, a baguette for me, and salt for the vaporizer (I used Kosher salt last night) and a mask so I might go to dinner tomorrow. Otherwise all I recall doing was blowing my nose. Oh, and dragging the dog out into the rain. Again. It was pouring the proverbial cats and dogs all morning, and we had very loud thunder from about 6:30 through about ten o'clock. My alternative was to read, and that I did. Later in the afternoon, keeping the sound low so James could work, I had The Night Before Christmas and Simple Gifts on.

We had the gravy I made with ziti for supper. James ate a big portion and I took seconds since I didn't have any lunch except for watery chicken broth, and there is a small portion left for me to eat on Saturday while James is at work. After Jeopardy we took our annual ride to go see Christmas lights. Really, next year we must "gobble and go." By the time we were headed back to the house at 10 o'clock half the homes had shut their lights off. Don't they know you are supposed to leave your lights on all night Christmas Eve? Anyway, we saw some nice lights right off Windy Hill near us, including a very purple house, and then went searching off West Sandtown Road for the pretty lights we saw on the way to the bookstore last week. We did see a dandy development, Paces Farm, with some really nice lights, including a house with white snowflakes in each window and a house done all in red and green lights, then came back by Ellis Farms, and finally drove through the old neighborhood and stopped briefly at three of the new developments near downtown Smyrna. To our disappointment, the guy with the falling star (or comet, whatever) didn't have it up this year.

Arrived home to watch Mercy Mission: The Rescue of Flight 771 and then Midnight Mass from the Vatican.

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