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» Saturday, December 26, 2015
Dragging in a Summer Wonderland

James had to go to work today, but we still got to sleep late, as he didn't have to be in until noon. I slept marginally better than the night before, but still tossed and turned. Did manage to get the vaporizer aimed directly at me this time, which may have helped. Funny how the stupid cold showed up the moment it got warm again!

I had breakfast and walked Tucker about 11 a.m., and the temperatures were already up in the high 60s. The weather is loathsome; who wants the wretched air conditioner on when it's nearly January? They keep being slaphappy about it on the news programs. "Oh, the weather is wonderful!" If you're perspiring profusely in December and you don't live in the southern hemisphere, it is not.

I wasn't feeling all that well, but wanted to use a couple of coupons, and my car badly needed a fill-up. So I went to Kroger for the gasoline first, then drove to Barnes & Noble to check on the clearance tables. Even at half price, the nice stuff is still too expensive, so I passed on it. I went into Office Max for a few minutes to see if I can find a new printer stand; ours is broken. There is a three-shelf wire shelf there that might do if our printers aren't too heavy. There's a more expensive one, but I think it's too wide; I'd have to measure.

Finally I went to Bed, Bath & Beyond to use two of the three coupons I had. I bought Tucker a new dog blanket for the living room and restocked on "Plinks" (deodorizers for the garbage disposal). I also stopped at the newer Office Depot on Cobb Parkway to look at furniture; this store recently downsized and is now useless. All they have is chairs.

Cost Plus World Market was absolutely stripped of Christmas except for one or two things here and there. I've never seen it that clean; they must have put stuff away for next year rather than discounting it. And I checked out Michaels. Did find a couple of gifts there to put away. On the way home stopped at Love Street to see how they have remodeled. They've moved the front door and blocked off the former front entrance and the back entrance (the original front and back doors when it was a small home), and knocked down a wall. Some of the same gift merchandise as previously (jewelry, knicknacks, "name" purses and scarves, twee baby things, trays and candy dishes, that sort of thing), but it seems to be uniformly more upscale (and expensive). The Christmas items were half price, so I did get something for a gift, and another non-Christmas item that was more reasonably priced. Behind their sister store Heart and Sole in another former house next door they have opened "The Garden Shed," where they keep all the garden decorations that used to be in the "back yard" of Love Street, plus they had some upscale Christmas decor. Too rich for my blood!

Pretty much stopped when I got home; this cold has just sapped all my energy. I feel like I have the flu, but have no fever or aching bones, plus I am now barking like a seal when I cough. I put all the Christmas gifts from yesterday up, but that was about it. For supper I had the small portion of ziti and pork that was left over from Christmas Eve dinner; there was enough gravy, so I cooked a few more ziti to have a fuller meal. Discovered the Christmas episode of Vicious on the DVR and watched that, walking the dog at 6 p.m. and again just as James got home at 9:30.

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