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» Sunday, June 28, 2015
The Calm Before the Storm

It was a quiet day. We slept in and had a quick breakfast, because some things had been forgotten at Kroger (wish I hadn't gotten the milk at Publix now) and of course a paper. I went in on my own. Brought them home and I put the perishables up while James stayed in the truck, and then we went to Microcenter. Just because. To do something different. We met Jerry Lawson in the store and chatted for a while, then strolled around. Found a new belt case for James' phone (his is getting raggy) and he bought a gadget that might help the next time he has to work at home; I bought a spare "red dot" for Tucker (you might as well buy another laser pointer; it will cost you that much to replace the batteries in it). Then we came home, since between the ride and talking to Jerry James was already exhausted.

James talked me through cooking some thick pork chops I had found; seared them first, then braised them in apple juice and plum slices, with some black cherry balsamic vinegar on it. Didn't taste particularly of plum or cherry, but it was good.

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