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» Monday, May 18, 2015
Never a Moment's Peace
I wanted James to have as much rest as possible today and going downstairs to deal with the mailbox post repair was not in the game plan. So I stayed home, thinking I might be able to work, but instead I was awake half the night, including when James awoke thinking his C-PAP machine had failed. (Instead, there's a leak in the mask, so he exchanged it for another one and finally did get some sleep.) When the alarm went off, I had a pounding headache which I treated with ibuprofin and more sleep. Had just finished with walking Tucker and having breakfast when the man and his partner (maybe father?) turned up to do the mailbox. He was able to mount the piece of wood with the number on the new post, and had the post painted and drying while they squared off the hole and poured the Quikcrete. (Had to scrabble to turn on the outside faucet, though, and we need a new hose; it has a split in the middle.) The post was back up, painted, and the mailbox remounted in a little over a half hour. (We'd toyed with having him get a new mailbox, too, Maybe next payday. This one is now pretty battered.)

One of the things that happened on Thursday when James was at Kaiser for eight hours was that he was supposed to get some additional blood tests. He was told when he was sent up to Town Center that they would do them there. Well, they didn't. So when the mailbox was finally in, I took him to Cumberland to get the rest of the blood tests. It was lunchtime, so we were going to Panera afterwards, but the Cumberland location is in a very tight corner, and there were no parking spaces. So we went to Tin Drum and barely found a seat, but then it was lunchtime.

When we got there it was sunny, although there were gray clouds hanging in the north over Kennesaw. I put the sunshades on the car and cracked the sunroof a little, having already dropped James off so he wouldn't have to walk too much. Then once we had ordered and barely found a seat, he noticed he'd left his tablet in the car. I went to get it because the heat is bad for it. It was still sunny. Twenty minutes later, eating our bowls, there was a rumble of thunder and suddenly outside it was awash.

And my sunroof was cracked open!

I was sopped by the time I got back inside, although for half of the trip I did have an umbrella. I was still wet after we finished eating and went directly home. I covered up the bed for James and about an hour after he lay down I dragged in there to lay down myself, still cold from being wet although I'd changed the moment we got home. He was having trouble sleeping, but I settled down on the comforter with a fleece and prepared to seriously nap.

And then it thundered. Heck, it was a cannonade. It sounded battle going on out there. And then the hail began, followed by torrential rain that beat on the bedroom windows. Weather alarms on my phone went off. And on James' phone. And an alarm. Arrrgh!

I did sleep fitfully until 5:30, only to discover (1) James never did; he went outside to watch the storm, and then Tucker clung to him for the rest of the afternoon, and (2) the mail had run, so I guess the mailbox post is stuck fast, and (3) the sun was already back out. Yay. Yay. And booooooo.

Just had GrapeNuts for supper and James ate some leftover barbecue and part of the soup I bought him yesterday, and then the usual Doctor Who (we've lost Tegan so it's about time for Peri to show up; maybe we need to stock up on cheese to go with the whine).

I thought James sounded better this morning, and he didn't seem to be quite as tired today, so says he is going to try to go to work tomorrow. So we need to get ready for bed early. I can record Police Surgeon, so no worries (at least I hope) about that. If they don't fill in with the missing second season episodes, they should start Doctor Simon Locke again on Thursday second showing.

Wish they'd find "Marooned"....

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