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» Monday, September 22, 2014

Happy, happy, joy, joy. Have thrown my back out for the first time in years. The first time this happened it served me right; I was moving furniture much too heavy for me. Ever since then my back feels the need to throw a fit at the stupidest thing. Once I threw it out by turning to get out of the truck carrying a full gallon of sweet tea (we were having a fundraiser lunch for an employee who had used up all their leave due to cancer treatments). Once at the office I sat on the edge of my chair to get someone info off my computer in a hurry, and when I straightened back out—I couldn't. I stayed for the rest of the day because sitting in a chair at work was the same as sitting in a chair at home, but I remember needing help just to walk to the bathroom and then out to the car. Last night I did it by drying my toes after a shower. [eyes roll]

Monday's a bad day to call Kaiser (anyone who gets sick over the weekend calls first thing Monday morning) and today was no exception. I swilled ibuprofin and sat with a heating pad until the busy signals went away after noon. The advice nurse told me to do what I was doing, but it was better if I would lay down and put my feet up, and call back tomorrow to make an appointment if the pain was (1) the same or (2) worse. So I spent the rest of the afternoon in bed with my feet up, and was able to go to Aubrey's 21st birthday party by sitting up straight in a chair and staying that way.

I don't want to go to Kaiser if I don't have to. They will just give me muscle relaxants and then I can't do anything at all because I'll be drugged and my ears will ring like Big Ben.

[Tuesday: Better. Sort of. As long as I sit still and don't sneeze, which is hard due to all the ragweed out there. So, working, but not very comfortably.]