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» Monday, June 09, 2014
Monday Morning Blues, Evening Romp
Incredibly frustrating day at work, where one order has gone sour and even an hour wasn't enough to print out new orders. The wretched things arrive in packs. The best part of the day is retreating to the car parked in its cove of trees, pulling on backward the old dress shirt I've placed in the car because the mosquitoes are so bad, and having a nap. I did get two things advertised, made some contacts, answered a ton of e-mail. Traffic looked worse than it was for a change.

James had stayed home this morning and I'd worried about him most of the day. He woke up with low blood sugar, and then when he took Tucker outside he got an attack of vertigo. He made it upstairs to his computer chair and apparently stayed there for quite a while after I left, and then went back to bed until eleven. He was feeling better when I got home—I arrived in the driveway to find him getting the mail and airing the dog. We had dinner, and I spent time entertaining the bouncing feist. After dinner I took him in the backyard, with James sitting on the deck, and someone had a successful elimination after (a) challenging the big dogs in the next yard, (b) digging at an unremarkable patch of grass, and (c) watching Mommy twitching from the roving mosquitoes. I also took him across the street to meet Kristy and Kelly and little Jack, as well as their two pugs.

While channel surfing after Jeopardy discovered that Robin and Marian was on TCM, so since James was on the computer, I put that on. This is a bittersweet film about Robin Hood and Little John returning from the Crusades after King Richard the Lionheart's death, discovering that all their compatriots from the Sherwood Forest days are old men (just like them), and that Maid Marian is now the mother abbess at a convent, about to be arrested by an old adversary, the Sheriff of Nottingham. I saw this for the first time when I was in college and it remains a favorite. And more playing with the stuffed mouse. James wanted a dog that would play with him. We now have one, in spades.

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