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» Friday, December 20, 2013
No Jingle Bells or Collar Tags
I managed to make it to work on Wednesday without arriving to the lights being out again. In fact, it was a very productive day, with a tiny bit of filing, a lot of e-mails, and even some documents to be signed (sadly, none of them were purchase orders).

I did take a few minutes to call Juanita at the hospital. She sounded so exhausted. I hope the new course of antibiotics works for her.

After work, I went to visit Willow. It took them so long to bring her out it scared me, and then she limped into the room (she has a bandage on her left leg). She looks so miserable and she whined under her breath almost the entire time she was there. I finally got her to lie down and just talked to her softly for fifteen or twenty minutes. Her face is all puffy from the fluids.

By the time I left the vet, even though the GPS took me a back way, it took me 75 minutes to get home, including the five minute I lost behind the guy who was yakking on his cell phone and didn't proceed through the nice green traffic light. Put the damn iPhone down and drive.

Thursday I teleworked, putting the finishing touches on a modification, advertising several orders, and basically trying to corral everything so that I could go on leave for Christmas and New Year's. Played some Christmas music, then listened to a history of Christmas carols on BBC Radio 4. Occasionally Snowy will explode in a volley of chirps.

But I miss the jingle of collar tags, giving Willow my oatmeal bowl to lick out, and taking a break when taking her outside.

The vet called back today, saying she had slipped out of her catheter and was depressed, but was drinking water. She's hoping to do another test tomorrow and check her numbers.

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