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» Tuesday, December 17, 2013
We had to take Willow back to the vet yesterday. They called with the results of her blood test and her white count was 35,000, when it's 5,000-15,000 to be in the normal range. James came home early and I wrapped her in a towel and sat next to her in the truck. She shivered the entire way there. We had a while to wait before the vet finished with her previous appointment, so we talked with her and petted her until Dr. Karolyn came in. They are going to give her IV fluids and antibiotics and keep her until she is doing better. They weighed her and she had lost over a pound of her weight since Saturday, and her skin is all drying and flaking because, while she's still drinking, she's dehydrated. She looked so sad as they took her away.

We ate supper at Panera, surrounded by teenagers doing homework. I never heard of going out to eat while doing homework! How bizarre. Once home, with only poor little Snowy to chirp occasionally, it was depressing. Still depressing today. I did my work like a clockwork unit, part of my mind far away. For lunch I had the wonton soup James ordered with the chicken wings on Friday. I dropped a scallion and was about to call Willow to dispatch it.

No one to give a lick of a plate to tonight, either.

We did get a vet report this afternoon. She was still getting the fluids and antibiotics and they put her on pain medication, too. They've ruled out pancreatitis, but still don't know where the infection came from. I guess she won't come home tomorrow, either, because they said we can "visit" her then, for a little while. They say she is barking, even in the ICU. Probably saying "Help! Help! Daddy, come rescue me!"

Later this evening we got the depressing news that our friend Juanita was back in the hospital. She had been so sick at one point, at her dying mother's bedside, that she had to be rushed to the emergency room and was not there when her mom passed on. She was well enough this weekend to attend her mom's memorial service, but now is back in the hospital, her infection having worsened again and her fever back up.

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