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» Sunday, November 24, 2013
The Neverending Litany

Since I wrote Saturday's post just a few minutes ago, I lied.

Well, we did get to sleep initially, until I woke up screaming. As always, I was under a low ceiling (I could never survive in a ship's berth), couldn't breath, and didn't realize I was homeā€”didn't even know where I was. James had to turn on the light to keep me from hyperventilating. I should be used to this by now; I've done it since I was a kid. Following that came a fit of coughing, ended by the cough syrup. Then we slept in, at least until the dog started barking sometime after nine.

Breakfast was nice: hot oatmeal and yogurt after an absence of nine days. About eleven we decided to go to Costco to see if they had Planes and perhaps The Right Stuff. Stopped for a newspaper and hot cocoa on the way. The place was mobbed. We did find Planes after searching through almost every Blu-Ray in the place, but the other was nowhere to be found. We did buy a collection of all of Mel Brooks' comedies on Blu-Ray for only $25. And James got some Jamaican meat patties to eat on the way to work.

So, I suggested, how about we go up to CD Warehouse? They've performed miracles before. So we went up to Town Center. Went in Barnes & Noble to check out the paperbacks and use the facilities, and...oh, this isn't good...massive stomachache and nausea. We did make it to the Warehouse, but no luck. I'll just get it on Amazon. Hmmm. More pain, more nausea. Made tracks for home. Pain. Long ride. Too many traffic lights.

Made it home in time to barf. Well, there's a new wrinkle. Basically put some bread and milk on my stomach to keep it on an even keel and later on we watched Planes, which is a cute film about believing in one's self, even if the characters are familiar: plucky protagonist, unsportsmanlike competitor, wise old mentor, alluring young love interest, humorous sidekicks, amusing ethnic supporting characters. We quite enjoyed the documentary on the disk about the producer who took his two teenage sons to an airfield in Chino, California, to look at some vintage aircraft. He got to fly in a Mustang and the boys in a bomber, and they talked about how they tried to make the cartoon planes fly as realistically as possible, including talking to Naval officers about "Dusty" landing on an aircraft carrier.

Had a plain beefsteak and a baked potato for supper with a slice of pumpkin bread for dessert. Watched the very funny Peter-Davison-produced The Fiveish Doctors Reboot, about Peter's, Colin Baker's, and Sylvester McCoy's attempt to be involved in "The Day of the Doctor." Lots of cameos by Companions, spouses, and even children of Doctors (Sean Pertwee and David Troughton, Peter's sons and daughter, Colin's daughters, etc.). And, oh, look, there's Paul McGann! Had another coughing fit. At some point drifted in the bathroom, took my temperature, and discovered I had a low-grade fever. Well, that explains a lot of things.

Heigh-ho, heigh-ho, so it's off to the doctor both of us go, and I don't mean the real Doctor. :-)

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