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» Wednesday, November 27, 2013
Let's Say This Isn't the Way...
...I had planned to spend Thanksgiving week!

Here's the original plan:
  • Monday: Back to work! Clean out at least 200 spam e-mails out of my e-mail box. Then get to work on the five closeout files I was supposed to do before Thursday. A co-worker was going to send me a "cheat sheet" to do them as we've never done closeouts on small purchases previously.
  • Tuesday: Ditto, minus the spam, via telework. At lunch I would do laundry.
  • Wednesday: Leave scheduled. Not sure what I was going to do, but I'd enjoy the day. Cross-stitch? Oh, yeah, and put the rest of the vacation things away.
  • Thursday: the Macy's Parade and feasting with friends.
  • Friday: shopping, if there was anything good in Thursday's newspaper.
  • Saturday: Willow's last appointment, I hope, for three months.
So Monday I called the doctor as soon as the office opened, and we still got appointments in the late afternoon (4:40 for me and 5 for James). So we slept late, which was fine with me since we were both miserable. The doctor's appointment (we both have the same doctor so we just saw him at the same time) and getting meds lasted until wayyy after six. Spent the evening watching Sleepy Hollow and Castle (arrrrgh! no new Castle until January!), after coming home with cough medicine with codeine in it and antibiotics. We're contagious through Wednesday, apparently, and neither of us quite coherent, either. At least my fever was gone.

Tuesday we slept, and slept. James got up after eleven, but I was only able to escape the clutch of Morpheus after one o'clock, and still felt exhausted for what was left of the day; not really steady on my feet and barely hungry (hey, in my case that's always good). All the mail the post awful has been holding came in today, including my two shipments from Amazon Vine, a very nice, heavyweight aluminum "Racheal Ray" fry pan, and a super set of headphones. Spent the evening watching Robin Hood: Men In Tights and Spaceballs.

Surely after two days of antibiotics, feeling better I should be. Maybe today...

James had already gone off to take the truck to the mechanic, as the slow-start of the engine indicated a low battery. Plus he wanted an oil change and needed his inspection certificate because the license tax is due on my birthday. I was supposed to follow him, and then the two of us were supposed to have fasting blood tests at Kaiser before we could eat breakfast.

Instead, I found myself down for the count with severe nausea, and finally told James to get them to give him a ride back and perhaps by then I'd be on my feet. Sadly, thirty minutes later he was on his way to Kaiser alone in my car. I asked him only to give me something to throw up in. He did, and I did, which means in the last ten days I've lost my cookies more than I have in the past ten years. Didn't even do this when I had the flu.

Needless to say, I didn't get blood taken today. However, when we went to fetch the truck, I did actually get out for a while. We stopped in Aldi to get milk and a few things, and I stopped by Kroger on the way home to get an Annie Chun noodle bowl for lunch. Later the mail came and we watched our Thanksgiving gift, The Right Stuff on Blu-Ray. The picture is stunning and wonderfully clear, and the soundtrack held sounds we had forgotten were on the soundtrack—an echo as the astronauts walk en masse under the tail of a rocket, for instance. Very much enjoyed! Now we're watching Thanksgiving-themed programming.

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