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» Friday, September 06, 2013
The Body Knows What the Brain Does Not
I suppose it had to happen.

I've been steadily plugging away at my work, putting in an extra hour here, an extra two hours there, a couple of weekend hours occasionally. I've dreamed about doing purchase orders, so I didn't escape them, even at night. I had one particularly fractious one that was really stressing me out, and I was dying to award it.

What was really funny is that, after two months of end-of-fiscal-year workload, I'm usually exhausted, if happy, after DragonCon, from the long-haul walks between hotels. This year by the time the convention was over, I still had some energy, and I wasn't stressed—it was wonderful to not have that all hanging over me for four glorious days.

Tuesday when I got back to work, I finished up two orders, completed my problem child, and did more work on another. I was pretty feeling pretty positive when I headed into the office on Wednesday since my Problem Child was finally out of my hands. I got assigned six more orders, but that's normal for this time of year; there are always waivers for late orders and additional funds.

But there was a new wrinkle after I was at work a few hours; my throat started to hurt. Thought it was the dry air, filled up my water pitcher, and proceeded to drink. Except the water didn't make my throat better; it actually hurt worse. I took ibuprofin and took a nap in the car, and the pain wasn't abated, and as the hours clicked by it felt worse and worse. I finally asked to go home early, and spent the evening swilling water and eating chicken soup, but by bedtime my throat was so sore I was waking up every fifteen minutes for a sip of water or a trip to the bathroom, as each time I breathed, even with my mouth closed, the air passing over my throat made me cough.

Evidently my energy burst at DragonCon was simply psychological; my body's telling the real tale. I have what the doctor usually calls "an upper respiratory infection," with all the unpleasantness of stuffy head, sore sinus and the lot. I worked about four hours yesterday morning until the pen got too heavy to hold and then slept for the rest of the afternoon, when I wasn't in pain. I had been nauseated earlier in the morning and for a couple of hours I had stomach cramps and wondered if I needed to call James to come take me to the emergency room. But that went away while I was sleeping.

Still stuffy, sinuses very painful today, lightheaded, coughing a little, and the least exertion, like answering the postman's knock, makes me breathless. Throat still hurts when I breathe over it. Would have slept in, but waiting for our lawn guys to come. Swilling more water and ibuprofin. I feel like I did when I had the flu, without the fever and the constant cough.

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