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» Sunday, November 13, 2011
Worktime and Playtime and Back Again
Saturday was a busy day, but most of it was entertaining.

We heaved the box with the dead electronics into the truck and went on to the Farmers Market first. It was cool at this point and we had a nice amble about, buying salad veggies and a few other things. There wasn't a crowd at the recycling event, and we dumped and went, stopping off at Food Lion before going home, as we still had a few chores to get through before game night: James cleaned the kitchen and I did the hall bath and finished the vacuuming and tidied other things up.

James was still sneezing badly today. I've never seen him have an allergy attack last a second day, but I've had them myself and know they can happen. Nevertheless, he still went to his club meeting. I tidied up a few more things, then put on BBC4X and listened to some radio drama, including an excellent adaptation of Michael Morpurgo's War Horse that has been such a hit as a play and is the subject of an upcoming film.

Folks started arriving right on time at five. We had a jolly evening eating the turkey and stuffing James had prepared—it was quite delicious! We had a variety of sides provided, including mashed potatoes, green beans, fruit, a relish tray with olives and pickles, cornbread, a chocolate peanut-butter cake, chips and salsa, and some wonderful homemade fruit pie made from peaches, strawberries and blueberries. Some folks put on the football game and later James, Jerry and John retreated to the library to set the universe straight while the ladies played games and Mel and Ken watched television.

We first played "Urban Myth," which I had as an evaluation copy. You are supposed to determine if a clue read to you is true or a myth. If you are on a certain square and answer the question correctly, you get a letter which either spells "myth" or "true." If you get the letters to spell either one, you win. We all felt there were some bugs in the game; it was okay.

Then we went on to play Yahtzee Free-For-All, which is a favorite. It's a version of Yahtzee where you have to match cards that have been drawn. You can also take cards others have earned. It's loads of fun.

And then one by one our guests left. We did most of the cleanup except for the vacuuming, then relaxed and got on chat, talking with Jen and Emma. Alas, the busy day caught up with me and we signed off half an hour early.

I was hoping for a restful night's sleep, but bad dreams nagged me all night, and I wasn't all that refreshed this morning. After breakfast we went out to Trader Joe's. They had some of their Christmas favorites out, and we were able to sample cranberry goat's cheese on some wonderful ginger cookies, and hot cider. James was still feeling under the weather and I wasn't much better, so we got some mints and also mint tea. Neither of us ended up sampling the latter, but the former were good on the stomach. We also stopped at Kroger for the weekly needs (milk, bread, etc.). Since it was close to Trader Joe's, we stopped at the store on Johnson Ferry Road, which had a Dollar Tree in the same shopping center. [shakes head] All the ladies in my Christmas group walk into Dollar Tree stores and find bargain Christmas DVDs. I haven't even found a Dollar Tree in the area that sells DVDs! James did find some sugarless candy there. Anyway, we walked into Kroger and this one dumps you directly into the deli. We hadn't had lunch and bought some delicious soups for each of us along with the staples. Finally, we stopped at Sam's Club for gas before coming home to read the paper and having the soup. I had chicken and he had beef vegetable; both were excellent.

Yesterday while I was listening to War Horse, I started the little cross stitch kit I'd purchased at Michaels on Friday. This afternoon and this evening, while we were watching Murdoch Mysteries, I finished it tonight. "My girl" is on the right.

I added the little face to give her a little more of a personality. I also made a mistake with the reds, which I'm glad I looks like she's wearing an overskirt.

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