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» Monday, October 31, 2011
Some Tricks and Some Treats
I'd taken the day off today to finish the laundry and get things from the trip put away, and to rest up for Hallowe'en, which I find very tiring. It's fun when you dress up in a costume and go to a party, kinda dull when you have to sit on the stairs waiting to give out candy.

James ended up not going into work this morning. He's been feeling bad since Saturday, when he was nauseated after eating breakfast. It happened again yesterday, and during the day he deteriorated, getting stuffy and hoarse. So we ended up both sleeping in this morning, and then I did laundry, and more laundry.

Not much else going on. DSL had slowed to a crawl all day. We're supposed to get up to 5mb download speed and we had an average of .2 all day. It would have gone faster on dial-up. First tier support didn't even know about a DSL slowdown, but they gave me a number at third tier to call which confirmed a DSL problem. Nice teamwork, Earthlink. [eyes roll]

Had a yummy supper of lamb shanks with rice pilaf. I was already dressed in my candy outfit: the spiderweb "poncho" over James' purple shirt, with the spider pin in my hair and a purple spider on my hand. (Okay, the blue scuffs kinda ruined the effect, but I wanted to be comfy.) By the time it was 6:45, the first doorbell rang.

You know, this late Daylight Savings Time stuff is crap. Before it was dark before six and I kept the door open until eight; now I was stuck down there until 8:30—and some dimwit kids actually came by at 9:30 and pounded on the door even though the light was out. I guess parents don't give a damn where their little darlings are or that they have to go to school tomorrow.

Anyway, we had a bunch of cuties: several Spidermen, witches, fairies; only one Superman, some cute bugs and animals, the usual contingent of princesses, a very dapper cowboy, one girl who wasn't really in an Amy Pond costume but who had "Silence" tickmarks on her, pirates, one gypsy I think, and someone who looked like Tina Turner (or maybe it was Lady Gaga), two "Scream" people, and more, plus little Jack from across the street, who was dressed in a skeleton outfit.

The funniest costumes I saw weren't on the kids. One family came by with not only the kids in costume, but two stocky white bulldogs, one in a striped prisoner's outfit, and the other as a honeybee.

Quit in time to watch Scared Shrekless, followed by House and now Castle.

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