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» Saturday, October 15, 2011
Books and Buddies
I had to go get blood taken yesterday, so I planned on rising so I could just get up, get dressed, and drive to Kaiser when they opened or a few minutes afterwards. It was a chilly morning, but since I planned to be in and out of buildings, I didn't bother taking a jacket. It was a bright blue day with a breeze

I didn't count on the school buses! Honestly, school buses still driving around at 8:30...8:40...8:45...when on earth does school start? No wonder I see school buses driving around from 4:30 through 6 p.m.! It's not just after-school programs keeping the kids there late.

Anyway, the vampires took three vials of blood, then I crossed the road and had breakfast at Chik-Fil-A: multigrain oatmeal with about half a pack of the brown sugar cinnamon and the nuts on it, and the fruit cup, and milk (of course). Dawdled my way through breakfast reading on my Nook, so didn't get to the Cobb County Library book sale until after ten. It was already packed, and I had to park down near the pond where the trailer hookups are. Mud everywhere and my tires so encrusted with it that when I left I crunched and crackled my way down the road until all the pebbles fell off.

I found some goodies everywhere, so my cloth grocery bag was crammed full and I was hefting and resting, hefting and resting until I got to the counter's desk. The tally is here. I was quite happy at finding the Sydney Taylor; they are so rare and expensive now!

Okay, I know the sale attracts a lot of stay-at-home moms. And they can't leave their kids at home alone. I know they can't, and I'm glad they don't. But I wish they could find babysitters! I really, really hate strollers, especially the SUV-sized ones they make today. Not to mention the people that bring suitcases to put their books in!

From there I went to the Avenue at West Cobb and the Barnes & Noble, windows down and the sunroof open. I spent almost as much on magazines as I did on all those books. I got this month's "Atlanta," plus a special "Saturday Evening Post" about Norman Rockwell—today is exactly one year that we visited Rockwell's studio in Stockbridge!—and the October issue of the British "Country Living." Thought about having a bite to eat there, but decided not to.

Instead came home and had the rest of my onion and chive goat cheese with whole-grain crackers and some milk, and watched Rick Steves in the Cinqueterre. James got home early, but we didn't go out until dinnertime, to pick up some Chinese from Dragon 168 while we bagged some twofers at Publix. We now have enough Hallowe'en candy, and even some cards and wrapping paper. We ate supper at home while watching Murdoch Mysteries.

Unfortunately, the Chinese did not agree with me and I was up a lot later than I wanted, and woke up this morning feeling distinctly sleep-deprived. We blew off the Farmers Market, but only could sleep a half hour later since we had Hair Day today. Last night, James made some pumpkin bars to bring with us; they seemed like a good fall treat, but we both decided they were too sweet. Folks ate them, and we brought some of the leftovers to the hobby shop, but we regretfully tossed the remainder. If we want something like that, we need to make it ourselves; they put so much sugar in everything these days!

Hair Day was fun as always. Chicken was the main dish, with carrots and potato salad on the side. I ate of that sparingly due to last night, but did eat quite a few of the olives and the dill gherkins that Phyllis and Mel brought, and drank strictly water.

We finished the weekly shopping after going to the hobby shop. Found some finely chopped beef (not ground) we plan to eat in tortillas, and also bought two cucumbers for a nice salad during the week. Plus their Hallowe'en decor was on sale, so I picked up two more small signs for the porch and a copper-colored wreath hanger, which will be more appropriate for fall.

The remainder of the evening we have been watching Frontier Force, a National Geographic series about the police (which includes wildlife officers and search and rescue) in Montana. As in Alaska State Troopers, they seem to have to deal with a lot of drunks and druggies. But it isn't all arrests; they also showed them tracking down missing hikers and hunters, and transporting mountain sheep away from a dangerous area. Several episodes with snow, and breathtaking mountains always in the distance.

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