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» Monday, May 30, 2011
Good Old Fashioned Post-Convention Depression
I paid for two nights of restless sleep by being cotton-stuffed and sleepy today, struggling even through doing the shopping. We had an invitation to a cookout, but I wanted only to stay inside, cool and somnolent. I did post some photos from the convention, but only felt better after supper, which was a thrown-together event that worked out fine: we bought some beef ravioli at Publix, layered them in a Pyrex dish between no-sugar-added Classico tomato and basil tomato sauce sprinkled liberally with Romano cheese, and James baked it for 40 minutes. Major yum, and there's enough for another meal. Before supper we went out to Bruster's for ice cream. I finished a book. Sat Schuyler near me on the sofa. Read Facebook, and The Wilderness Warrior. Watched Antiques Roadshow and R5Sons Alaska..

I think it was what I needed.

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