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» Tuesday, March 15, 2011
Minor Yuckiness
Daylight Savings Time did a number on both of us Sunday night. Gah. If I got four hours sleep I was lucky. I know I was still awake after 12:30 a.m. and woke many times during the night. Fought valiantly with Mr. Sandman until lunch time, when I was able to have a nap in the car.

Last night I slept so soundly I was only awakened by Willow barking (possibly at thunder) right before the alarm went off. It's almost worse waking up from deep sleep than getting little sleep; you feel logy all day. Still, proceeded through the orders, had a nap at lunchtime, then went to our All Hands meeting. We had a special segment about cyber crime, which was so classified they weren't even allowed to Envision it to the CDC field offices. Some eye-opening figures about how often CDC is attacked by hackers and how they try to get into the systems. We were also treated to an informative and slightly humorous film made by the field offices (Spokane, Cincinnati, Pittsburgh, and Morgantown) about what they do. (The head of the Pittsburgh office had a big plaque on his bookcase that said "I [heart] PGO" with a photo of our director next to it. LOL.)

All the contracts folks stayed after the main meeting for some extra information pertaining to us. It was near the end of the meeting that I found myself feeling distinctly uncomfortable, with a terrible stomach ache. After the meeting was over, I came directly home, except for stopping to vote on the special referendum. I think part of it was that I was hungry, because supper did help. (Oddly, there were no other symptoms, besides being terribly cold, which is unusual for me.) James made what he calls "chicken cacciatore light," which was chicken thigh cooked with diced tomatoes, onions, and mushrooms, with saffron rice on the side. I just ate the chicken and that, combined with the milk, did the most to help. James figures to make this for Hair Day, seeing that it was good tasting as well as easy to fix.

(I've been listening to "Travels With Rick Steves" podcasts on the way home; they seem a perfect fit for driving. Today's episode about Catrona in Italy as well as a man who does fear-of-flying classes took my mind off feeling bad—almost.)

After Jeopardy, I got bored with the television (and I was reading at the time, which shows you how bored), so I put on the Netflix instant feed and watched an old IMAX film, The Magic of Flight. IMAX looks really weird on a regular television. :-) Then I found a film I'd never heard of before, The Wonder of It All, which is interviews with some of the astronauts who went to the moon, including Alan Bean, Buzz Aldrin, John Young, Charlie Duke, Gene Cernan, Jack Schmidt, and others.

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