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» Wednesday, March 30, 2011
Getting a Start
I wasn't sure what type of day it was going to be today. When the alarm rang, I blinked, only to realize that my right eye felt sore. It was even sore to the touch. I took some ibuprofin and lay down for another 20 minutes, and it was a little better when I arose the second time, although it was still moist and watering, something that eventually abated. I noticed it was hurting after driving home yesterday. My car had been covered with fine yellow pine pollen, giving it a golden glaze. I wouldn't be surprised if some of the grains came through the vents and irritated my eye. The news reports are going crazy over the high pollen counts.

At lunch time I got a little inspiration from The Happiness Project. I cleaned out the plastic drawers that are in our closet to keep my sweatsuits and work clothing. I kept one pair of "gardening" pants and a grungy short-sleeved sweatshirt and the shirt James ruined with ink that I used to use at the old house when I used insect spray, and tossed everything else that was holey or worn, including my loved-to-death WordPerfect sweatshirt. I also moved some things around, and gathered at least five things for donation, including two pretty sweaters which I washed before tossing in the bag, and a bathrobe that I've never worn. I put all the Space Bags in one bag, and combined other things. When James arrived home early, I had him finish up by rearranging the clothing he keeps on the shelf. Moving things meant the coats could go back in the other corner.

I also cleaned out the drawers and the cubbies in the chifforobe, packing away the 9/11 newspapers that have been sitting in the bottom cubbie for ten years and tossing out a few other old things. James has agreed that we need to donate the old air purifier; it was too small for our old bedroom and we haven't even used it here. Getting that out of the cubby means we have a storage place for James' electric throw that he uses in the winter.

In the meantime I chilled out as I worked listening to instrumental Christmas music in the morning. Did finish up "Paul Temple and the Alex Affair" on BBC 7 this afternoon.

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