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» Saturday, August 21, 2010
Mostly Work and Not Much Play
Been busy as the little bees Victorian children were given as examples of industriousness. Drives me a bit mad not to have done more. Thursday night I wanted to finish one more order and they took ICE down at five for maintenance. The littlest things hold things up, and build into larger things.

I've also had a problem for the last few weeks that's going to need to be taken care of, and it looks like it might have to be sooner than later. I've been putting it off, at least until after September 12. I really don't want to take off from work, not to mention don't want to do it at all.

Plus it looks like I may have a fever. So if it's not one thing it's another.

I'm just having trouble keeping up this summer. It's a combination of the continual heat and the workload, which was in June what it usually is in August. I'm not bouncing back to the challenge like I used to. And while I've tried not to show it, I've been depressed and restless since the summer began. Mostly I want to retreat into my books.

At least have got some housework done and am slowly prepping the house for Jen's visit. DragonCon is in two weeks and I wish I was more enthusiastic, especially since Dean Stockwell and Kai Owen will be there.

Stayed home this afternoon to nurse myself and ended up watching the rest of the first season of The Mothers-in-Law and the first two episodes of season two. It's immediately apparent that the show has lost something by not bringing back Roger C. Carmel. Richard Deacon is workmanlike—I don't think it was ever in Deacon's nature to give a bad performance—but he's just not the larger-than-life character than Carmel's was. Plus he had no chemistry at all with Kaye Ballard. Roger and Kaye were these big, expansive ridiculous characters who loved and argued with equal gusto, but they adored each other. Kaye thought Roger's scripts were brilliant and acted them out with him, and even when she took Jerry's side against his father, it was always obvious that they were miserable when they weren't speaking to each other. Deacon was just someone Kaye snapped at and slapped, and when they hugged it wasn't real.

Watched two of the extras, the original pilot with Kay Cole playing Suzie and the interview with Kaye Ballard. She spoke highly of Carmel.

I did notice that, although they couldn't afford to give the cast their raise (the reason Carmel quit), they managed to redesign every inch of both the Buells' and the Hubbards' homes, and had a lot more "name" guest stars (who very obviously commanded "name" salaries).

I guess this isn't an inspiring post, either, but my heart's not in it.

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