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» Wednesday, June 09, 2010
Well, That Explains Things
I ended up staying home yesterday due to continued problems. The advice nurse said to keep myself hydrated, eat bland foods, and to contact them if the problem did not clear up in a couple of days. In the early afternoon, I had chills and ended up wrapped in a fleece blanket. Since I never have chills anymore, I took my temperature and it turned out I had a low-grade fever. Since my normal temp is about 97.8°F, due to my allergies, this was, for me, a bit high. I watched David Tennant's/Patrick Stewart's Hamlet and episodes of Lassie while swilling what seemed like endless glasses of filtered water and ingesting cheese, which is not one of my favorite things, but ricotta and crackers is suitably bland.

This morning when I logged on, I had a note from my team lead, wondering if I was okay. (I had called into work yesterday, but to someone else.) Turns out my team lead is at home today with a similar complaint, so it's apparently one of those things "going around." Hope James dodges it. No use the two of us being ill.