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» Monday, May 10, 2010
Feeling Ugh...
Didn't sleep well, but still headed to work. Things to do, and the amazing phone message to take care of. Except– the message wasn't there. I was fit to be tied. I had kept it because I wanted my team lead to hear it, but it's gone. Really pissed at the voice mail system.

By the time lunch came around, I had a headache, and that is usually helped by a nap. Instead the headache was worse by the time I came upstairs. My stomach's been a wreck since we had breakfast at Golden Corral. Not sure why; everything tasted fine and I didn't have that many different things, just French toast, a couple of slices of bacon, Honey Nut Cheerios and milk, a slice of toast, and watermelon and cantaloupe.

Finally just came home to nurse my stomach. Slept until James had supper finished. It was a very bland supper, chicken breast with sweet corn, but I'm still feeling queasy. Ugh.

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