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» Wednesday, March 03, 2010
Today Was Plain Awful
Despite the fuss they were making about icy roads last night, they were fine in this area. Had no trouble getting into work, and managed to get an essential order out, although I was rewriting part of it as I processed it. Sometimes people do not realize changes need to be made due to changed situations.

However, another order I was trying to work was fulfilling all my grim predictions about it, and a chat with someone just confirmed there was a bit of a slog ahead. Another order I had just be assigned needed to be done today, but there was a arithmetical error it took me several hours to get ironed out (in the end the performance period was changed, not the price). So it was that a fourth order could not be finished.

All this was complicated by the fact that a portion of my body began rebelling against my antibiotic. So not only was I stuck in the bathroom repeatedly, but the sinus headache was coming back with ferocity. I hung on until lunch, popped two Tylenol, and retreated to the car for a very welcome nap, which took care of the headache. About three, the third unwelcome guest showed up just as I was working on it-which-must-go-out-today: nausea. Joy. Luckily I was consulting with Charlene at the time about the hard-slog project and it took some of my mind off it.

I was very glad to get home. James brought me two small grilled chicken pieces and a biscuit from KFC. No fool I, I peeled the skin off before I even bit into them. I'm not used to chicken skin anymore; I bake mine without.

I'm feeling exhausted, and cold. I even turned up the heat to 70°F because my teeth were starting to chatter, and I almost never turn the heat up.

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