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» Friday, February 19, 2010
Linda and the Annoying Cold
I think I'm feeling better, but it's been a long, annoying week.

Wednesday I slept in, then sat in front of the computer intending to work. It was hard slogging. I couldn't seem to concentrate properly and the light from the screen really made my eyes hurt. By one o'clock I was going to take some aspirin and lie down. So I did so and noticed the water wasn't getting hot when I washed my hands. I trotted downstairs to check the water heater and heard water running.

OMG. Just when I got up I turned the water on in the shower. I had intended to turn the computer on, get everything ready to work, then go back in the bathroom and use the Mr. Clean brush to do a quick ten-minute cleanup on the shower floor, which was showing water stain. My mind was so muddled by my sinus pressure and the aggravating cottony feel in my head that I had left the water running for three freeping hours. I shudder when I think about the next water bill. How many gallons a minute does a shower use? Times 180 minutes? Oh, my lord...

I decided I did not want to make any stupid mistakes like that at my work. Running water is one thing, Federal funds are another. I quit for the day, but resumed Thursday morning. I made it through the day, but still had that rotten cottony feeling in my head, ears ringing, sinuses burning, all the stupid cold stuff. Instead of eating lunch, I took three ibuprofin and lay down.

I did end up calling the advice nurse, who told me that I was doing all the right things (drinking, analgesics, saline for my nose, nutritious food—not eating much anyway; everything tastes bad). She told me not to take any OTC meds, except that I could take plain Robitussin if I got a cough. As I expect.

Oh, she also said that "colds today don't go away as quickly as they used to." Gee, that just made my day.

I got up this morning feeling sorta human. I wasn't quite as fuzzy as I'd been, although I'm still croaky and my right sinus feels like someone's scraping it out with a spatula. I had to get gasoline, so I went to Kroger (ow, did that sun hurt my eyes), where I got stuck in back of a woman who took ten minutes trying to pick out some cancer sticks. Gah. Why not just have "Death Kiosks" at the supermarket for people who want to pick up their cigarettes?

Went into BJs to get some Chex mix and picked up the first season of Night Court for $10. They had samples today and I had a Swedish meatball without sauce and a little bit of Nissan Cup-of-Noodle soup, plus a tiny cream puff and a new "Milky Way caramel," which is just the caramel center of a Milky Way coated with milk chocolate. Eh. Dark chocolate would have been better.

I also stopped at Borders for the February issue of the British Country Living and found a Steven Pinker linguistics book with the bargain books. I have The Language Instinct and didn't like it, but the text of this one looks a little more accessable, so I thought I'd try it, especially as you can use coupons on the bargain books. This way it was only $3.

The soup sample roused my appetite a bit and we had a Maruchan cup-o' noodles in the cupboard. I ate it while watching Colour Confidential and enjoyed it, but later kept burping it up. So I had a fairly bland dinner (bread and butter and some cereal) while James had orange chicken wings from Publix.

Shaking head over The Olympic Skating Thing. I stayed up last night to see Yevgeny Plushenko. His performance had no fire to it. It's not just jumps, it's style. James says he's like an ice man. Exactly. No passion to him. Even the Japanese fellow who did the Chaplin-inspired routine put more passion into his skating.

Temps are headed up this weekend—62°F predicted by Sunday. Considering average winter temps around here are in the fifties and we've been having 40s and even 30s, it's been a pretty chilly winter. Supposedly it's going back into the 40s by next week, but spring is a'headin' our way: on the way to Kroger I saw definite green buds on brush by the side of the road. Usually by the end of February we already have trees budding, the flowering plums (I think; they're purple anyway) and even the Bradford pears. I think these were Bradford pears.

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