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» Saturday, February 27, 2010
I Surrender
I've got to call and get a doctor's appointment. This apparently isn't going away on its own. I've done the saline spray, the analgesics, the rest, and the soup. I still have the headaches, the clogged nose (although it isn't runny anymore), the sinus pressure, and the blahs. The mucus odor is getting worse, too. Tired of hurting, and I'm having trouble concentrating at work, which is frustrating and annoying. I must have a sinus infection or something of that ilk.

Of course then we'll have to go through the song-and-dance on what I can take. I miss the days I could just take amoxicillin and it would solve everything. It's like the hysterectomy changed my entire body chemistry. I was never allergic to anything but plants and animal dander before the surgery. Bleah.

So I've been watching curling, which is about all my brain can stand.

Incidentally, we went to BJs last night, with coupons, and found even more coupons at the store, including $5 off omeprazole, which brought it down to $14 for 42 pills, and one third off a bottle of 300 Loretadine, which we both take for allergies. May have to go back and get another bottle at that price, since the pills don't expire until April 2011. Taking one each every night, we'll definitely use up two bottles before next April!

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