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» Sunday, February 21, 2010
Hot and Cold
Woke up yesterday feeling minimally better. My nose is still massively stuffy but blowing it helps. But, dang, I'm still tired. Exhausted at times even.

Like this: Hair Day is easy. You spend three to four hours having a blast sitting, talking to friends and having whatever the designated lunch provider brings to eat. Today we detoured to give Juanita a ride, but that was nothing. James drove most of the way, and all we had to bring were trimmings for the burgers and the "tea sandwiches" we made last night. (At Kroger yesterday I asked James if he needed his bread—9 grams of carbs—and he said he did. When I got home I found another complete loaf of bread. So we picked up some spreads at Publix (chicken salad, Neptune salad, and pimento cheese) and made little crustless finger sandwiches. They made great little appetizers along with grapes.

We had a big crowd, and Elayna even came along with her new baby, Chance, who is 3-months-old. What a cutie! He's already trying to sit up. Sarah brought her new boyfriend. Ron cooked burgers, hot dogs, chicken, and salmon on the grill, and all was yum.

Still, by the time we left at one, and delivered Juanita back home, I was tired out. James brought me home and I slept from two o'clock until he got back at 4:30 from the hobby shop. Then we had supper at Longhorn with Juanita, Alice, and families before heading home for the evening, where I later had a nice time on chat and James took the opportunity to descend to "the man cave" and work on a couple of Corsairs.

This morning was a bright blue day, and temps got up to the high 60s in the afternoon. I was fine until I got up and then had a sinus headache all morning and through our trip to Borders. Breakfast didn't help. I tried mixing a packet of the Lower Sugar Maple and Brown Sugar oatmeal with the Lower Sugar Apple and Cinnamon. The flavors almost canceled each other out, but either Quaker is using a really awful apple flavoring or the apple they're using is Delicious (which I don't think deserve the name—major ugh), because the apple taste definitely still overwhelms.

Heh. With Borders Bucks from e-Rewards and a 40 percent off coupon, I got Connie Willis' Blackout for 64¢!

Then went to Costco. Have lots of paper towels now. (Had coupons, and also got some at Publix yesterday.) Not as good for food samples today, but the salmon and salmon spread was great. Also got more granola bars, so are completely stocked up for Atomicon: various cookies including Chips Ahoy and Oreos, granola bars, Goldfish, Triscuit and Wheat Thins.

Came home, opened windows, watching birds at the feeder and listening to them chip and chirp, and a couple of Colour Confidential episodes as well as a few 10 Grand in Your Hand. James is back in his cave. Fresh air is making me sleepy...or is it still the cold?

Would love to feel even better for work tomorrow...

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