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» Sunday, February 14, 2010
Happy Valentine's ... Cold
All I can say is that it's a good thing we didn't have anything planned for today.

I woke up at least two days last week feeling a little ragged out, with my throat a little sore. Oatmeal and work mostly took care of it.

Friday night before the Olympic opening ceremonies I gave Willow a bath. As always, it wasn't a pleasant experience for either of us. And yes, as always I remembered to take my allergy pill. After opening ceremonies we went outside, and, since in this climate we keep no snow shovels, we cleared the accumulated snow/slush off the driveway with a combination of the push broom and a garden shovel. There was about three inches all told, if the level on the deck was accurate. I had gone out there every few hours from when it started to snow, sweeping off the front steps and walk so they would be clear for game night on Saturday.

I woke up yesterday with a stuffed nose and a sore throat that would have killed a giraffe, having already woken up at least six times during the night with a raw, dry throat and not able to breathe through my nose. At eight o'clock I took three ibuprofin and went back to bed. I still needed to vacuum and tidy up a bit more before game night; I did the tidying and the vacuuming upstairs, and then we went out for a little while in early afternoon to the hobby shop, where I read a "Birdwatching" magazine, and to Publix. James left his prescription sunglasses at the hobby shop, so we had to go back, which means we got back to the house late. I was feeling wretched and wanted to lie down for a while, but managed only about eight minutes after I got the stairs vacuumed and the foyer swept because it was time to get the food warm and put out the snacks.

Ibuprofin, milk, and good company made it a good evening. The sun had done its work and the driveway was completely dry (as was the street itself) except for the dip right before the garage doors. James found the bag of sand that he had used to fill the fireworks-launching bucket last July and spread the remainder of the sand on that wet spot, so no one had trouble getting in. Juanita was happy to be among friends after her foot surgery, and yes, she did make it up the stairs. She has this cute little wheeled gadget called a "kneelchair"; she puts her bad leg on it and then scoots around pushing herself with the other leg. Very easy to maneuver.

It ended up being a different sort of "Games" night as I had the Olympics on the television, so all we played was about three games of Chronology. It was Sue's first time playing, so that was fun. Most of the time we just gabbed! The three teenage girls in the crowd at first went downstairs and...did whatever teenage girls do these days...LOL...and for a little while took over the dining room table and played Uno and Jenga.

Willow, of course barked at everyone until she noticed people were offering her food.

By the time everyone left, I was wiped out, though. We'd used paper and plastic, so cleaning up was easy, and I left vacuuming until tomorrow and just got on chat. James brought me nice cool water for my throat, so there was the nice bonus of two great get-togethers with friends in one evening.

Another partially sleepless night last night, with dry, sore throat, and weird dreams for the second night in a row. Vacuumed upstairs again, put things back in their place, then went to Kroger and BJs. I bought TurboTax, but was feeling much too awful to do anything with it. Gave James a home made card with an original poem inside and two nonfiction books about World War II for Valentine's Day. The "fids" gave him a book on grilling. :-) James hadn't any time to go shopping, but he picked up what I wanted at BJs: season one of Sergeant Preston on DVD.

I spent the afternoon and the evening on the sofa feeling quietly wretched. James made beef tips in gravy for supper, with a side of potatoes. He made them in a new way, cutting them up with the apple corer, and then slicing the leftover core, and lightly sauteeing the fork-sized pieces with onions. Very nice. Been watching figure skating and men's mogul tonight.

My nose is running, I'm hot, occasionally I sneeze, and my throat hurts. Bleah.

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