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» Sunday, January 31, 2010
Shopping on Sunday
I emerged from the bedroom this morning to find James making biscuits, a treat on a cold day at the very end of January. Had them with Smart Balance and offered a bite or two to Schuyler, then tended to my FarmVille field. Hung about until one, watching Clark Howard, and then got dressed to go out on our errands.

Our first stop was to visit our friend Juanita, who had surgery on her foot on Thursday. She had an accident with her right foot some years ago and the joint has been degenerating slowly. However, recently the deterioration had increased and the doctor finally told her she needed the surgery immediately. She found out on Monday, so there wasn't much time to dread. She will have a long convalescence: three months before she can even put weight on the foot. And the surgery was quite painful.

She told me she liked reading inspirational things, like the Chicken Soup books, so we bought her a couple over the weekend, plus two scrapbooking magazines. Today I packaged these with a card and we visited for a short time.

From there we stopped briefly at Borders to return the book I'd bought yesterday, then went on to Goodwill to drop off a donation. Finally we went to Kroger. I have been reading the "Coupon Mom" book and realized we have been not been doing a lot of couponing. We needed some staples and also laundry detergent, and decided to also get some nonperishable things with the coupons, like "Finish" (formerly Electrosol). We discovered that Kroger had a special, various items that, if you bought any ten of them, you got a discount. We already had three of the ten, so we bought a bunch of Goldfish, different flavors, for Atomicon and parties, to get the discount. We also had a $2 off coupon if we bought $10 worth of meat, of which we already had $3.84 of. So we bought more pork on discount, and also some ground pork.

Now, when we stopped for gasoline, we discovered that we still had BJs coupons in the car that expired today. These were good coupons, for things like granola bars, toothpaste, and oatmeal, so we turned right instead of left to go home, and went back to BJs. On the way toward the cashier, we passed the omeprazole, which I have been buying at Costco because it's the least expensive there. When I saw the price, I goggled. $20? With an immediate $5 rebate? This made it $3 cheaper than Costco! I said to James, "When does it expire?" "Today," he answered. "How many do you want?" I got two, which is about a three-months supply.

So by the time we got home, it was suppertime. We had bought some Campbell's "Healthy Request" tomato soup, James added basil, garlic and Italian spices to it, and we had chicken thigh cacciatore for supper. Yum! Afterwards we watched a Dateline special about residents at the Arkansas Childrens' Hospital, and then Ken Burns' documentary about Thomas Jefferson.

Incidentally, when I had PBS on last night, they showed a commercial I love that I hadn't seen in a long time:

PBS "Big Bird"

I especially love the piece of music that goes with it, which I understand is from The Cider House Rules. I love PBS. Heck, I loved it back when it was

this. :-)

NET ended in 1970, after showing hours of classroom television...and that's what it was, a teacher, a blackboard, maybe some photos held up to the camera, and a lecture, fifteen minutes of a language, or English grammar, or art. There were some kids' programs like The Friendly Giant and of course, Misteroger's [sic] Neighborhood, and at night there were things like NET Playhouse and a series I remember with fondness: The Toy That Grew Up, in which silent movies were shown.

Hey, remember the old PBS bumper?

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