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» Tuesday, December 15, 2009
I decided to telework today and go in tomorrow, partially because I thought there was a meeting, mostly because of feeling so wretched yesterday. (Sometimes I go into work feeling badly, but it straightens out between ten o'clock and noon; yesterday, it never did. The only thing that made me feel vaguely better was having a candy cane; the peppermint settles my stomach some.)

I ended up taking three hours of sick leave this morning to sleep late, hoping it would help. I suppose it did, even though I felt like I accomplished nothing. At lunch I finally vacuumed those awful stairs and while I was downstairs, found some little green and red garland I bought last year at the dollar store. I draped one swag over the pendant light in the dining room, and used the other one on the mantel. We have so few Christmas cards that I strung a piece of tinsel cord under the mantel shelf and put the cards on it, and then strung the other garland along the cord. It looks very retro.

It also appears that the shade on the window next to the Christmas tree is dead. I had it up Saturday when I was decorating the tree, in order to see better, and forget and left it up. When I finally put it down on Sunday it seemed a little funky, and then flopped down all the way. I took it down gingerly, terrified of hitting the tree, and tried to fix the spring, but it's completely broken. Pity we can't just get the roller. I hate to waste the shade.

James made "Hawaiian pork chops" (with pineapple juice) for supper and then I put on some Christmas specials: the Hill Street Blues episode "Santa Claustrophobia" and the British special Christmas Past. I wish I could find a complete copy of the latter somewhere; according to a British film site, the special was originally 53 1/2 minutes long and the version I have, which aired on A&E (back when A&E had decent programming and not "reality" shows) is only 45 1/2 minutes...would love to see those missing 8 minutes! I'm pretty sure they talked more about the Christmas truce.

Late in the afternoon I developed a headache on the right side of my head near my ear. I get these occasionally, on both sides, and usually I take two extra-strength Tylenol and lie down in the dark and they go away. This one subsided, but never went away, and now is back, hurting all the way down to my neck. My right ear is ringing, too, and my teeth hurt. Headaches like this make me nervous, ever since my dad died. Suppose I need to get to bed.

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